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40 years ago: New 23rd Street restaurant an eyesore to some residents

March 23, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 23, 1974:

Taco John's, 1626 W. 23rd, was pronounced the "ugliest new building in Lawrence" this week by Lawrence City Commissioner Barkley Clark. Other city commissioners said they had received complaints about the red-and-yellow modular restaurant, but City Manager Buford Watson said city staff members had checked the building and had learned it was in almost complete conformance with city building codes. The only violation discovered, signs facing the wrong direction, were to be corrected, Watson said. "I've always opposed legislating aesthetics," said Commissioner Jack Rose, "but I'm beginning to wonder whether it's not worth making a try at it." Taco John's manager and co-owner Ken Creasey said the building was solidly constructed: "It didn't even wiggle when they set it down." He added that he was "not after a beauty contest" but was "out to catch their eye." He added that his building was the 69th member of a chain and said the central Taco John's office had told him this was the first time it had received complaints. "Once they try our food maybe they'll change their minds," Creasey said about the nay-sayers.


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