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25 years ago: LHS wins state Scholars’ Bowl competition

March 19, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 19, 1989:

  • A team from Lawrence High School returned home triumphant this week after winning the state 5A-6A championship trophy at the state scholars' bowl tournament, held at Topeka West High School. The LHS team had won out over 10 other teams from across the state, giving more correct answers to rapid-fire questions in topics ranging from calculus and chemistry to politics and literature. "They come up with some incredibly diverse questions," said team captain Kannon Shanmugan. "It's really impossible to cover the entire areas." The victory meant even more to LHS this year because of increased competition, said Shanmugan, a senior in his third quiz-bowl season. "When I was a sophomore, we were invited to only one invitational tournament the whole season. This year we received at least 15 invitations. There were so many that we couldn't accept them all."
  • Movies playing in Lawrence theaters this week included "Rooftops," "Leviathan," "Fletch Lives," "The Rescuers," "Dangerous Liaisons," "Police Academy 6," "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," and "The Burbs."


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