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100 years ago: Local boys appear in juvenile court for chicken stealing

March 18, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 18, 1914:

  • "Charges of chicken stealing have been preferred against two boys, ages 10 and 12 years and the pair are facing a term in the state industrial school at Topeka.... They were taken in town by the police last night but after a sleep in the city jail were turned over to the juvenile court. It is alleged that the youths stole some hens from H. S. Fillmore on north Maine street. They took the poultry to a butcher shop and attempted to make a deal with the butcherman. However, the police ended negotiations and the boys and the chickens were taken to the police station. Mr. Fillmore identified his property and as soon as the case of the boys is disposed of the hens will be returned to their owner."
  • "The Kaw river came near claiming a little life yesterday afternoon. But for the prompt action of H. A. Edman, who operates a sand dipper at the foot of New York street, Willie Potts, a north side youth, probably would have been drowned. The youth was carried out on the river in a boat. The boy was without oars and was drifting helplessly on the river with the water rapidly filling the boat when his cries for help attracted Mr. Adman. The latter took another boat and rowed out to the imperiled youngster and reached him just as the boat was about to sink. The boy told Mr. Edman that he was playing in the boat which was tied on the north bank when some of his companions unfastened it and pushed him away from the bank. The wind carried the boat out in the river. He told Mr. Edman his name and stated that he lived at 191 Elm street."
  • "Those who were certain that spring had come were rudely awakened from the dream this morning when the wind shifted to the north and a liberal fall of snow began. For a time this resembled a regular winter snow storm.... The snow melted almost immediately. The wheat raisers of the county were immeasurably glad to see the snow today as the moisture was badly needed. The snowfall is measured at the university as 1.3 inches.... Something approaching a cold wave is promised by the weather man for tonight. More snow also is on the program."
  • "Washington, D.C. -- A federal motion picture commission under the jurisdiction of the United States bureau of education is proposed in a bill presented today by Senator Hoke Smith. Three members, appointed by the president, would license each film for exhibition, unless 'it is obscene, indecent, immoral or depicts a bull fight or prize fight, or is of such character that its exhibition would tend to corrupt the morals of children or adults, or incite to crime.'"


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