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100 years ago: City considers mausoleum for Oak Hill Cemetery

March 17, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 17, 1914:

  • "The city council of Lawrence is seriously considering the erection of a large, modern mausoleum in Oak Hill cemetery. That there is a demand for such an institution was made known in the city council last night when an ordinance providing for its construction was introduced.... It is estimated that the structure will contain at least 200 crypts and the estimated cost for such a structure is $22,000 or $110 per crypt.... The ordinance also calls for the creation of an irreducible endowment fund of $2,000 to be used in the maintenance of the mausoleum. The money to be invested in municipal bonds and to be used for no other purpose except the upkeep of the building."
  • "Douglas County Schools will participate in plans for an All-Kansas School and Church Day on April 5. County Superintendent C. R. Hawley has approved plans of the State Teachers Association and has announced that he will co-operate in making this a big event. The plan is to have the ministers of the various churches preach an educational sermon, making a plea for more efficient schools. To add further interest in the service it is suggested that public school children have a part, in the way of special music or a short program. The object of the plan is to arouse a great interest in the public schools for better organization, for finer equipment and to advocate needed legislation for the benefit of schools. The day is to be observed over the entire state. The County Superintendent has undertaken to interest the Lawrence ministers in the plan and no doubt such a day will be observed in Lawrence."
  • "The girls of the University Y. W. C. A. are planning to discuss the modes of dress and the attitude of the college co-ed at their meeting this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock in Myers hall. Miss Genevieve Walker will start the discussion by giving a talk on the following subject: 'Does my Attitude and Appearance Express my Best Self?'"
  • "It is apparent that at last a street on the west side of South park and being a continuation of Vermont Street is to be opened and paved. The city council last night ordered the property along this street appraised for such paving. This property was granted the City of Lawrence for park purposes only and this caused years of delay. City attorney Mitchel believes that the city has the right to open this street and pave it providing no protest is made. The effort will be made at least.... The paving of Sixth street was further delayed last night by the appearance of a petition remonstrating against such paving. A large number of the property holders along this street are opposed to the improvement."


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