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100 years ago: City street-paving contract will employ Lawrence men

March 13, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 13, 1914:

  • "Local labor will be used on the city contract in Lawrence. Following the recent agitation comes this assurance that Lawrence men and teams will find employment on the jobs that have been opened here. A. R. Young, of the firm of Young and Company which has been awarded one of the big contracts, has promised to begin work at once in the alleys that he will pave. He stated yesterday that he would open these jobs by Monday morning and thus give employment to a large number of men.... The controversy with the paving contractor grew out of the news of the arrival of a number of men and teams in Lawrence. These men came from Wichita and it was said that they were to do the work on the jobs which Mr. Young had taken. A storm of protest was raised by Lawrence men who needed this work and some of them needed it badly. Yesterday afternoon Messrs. J. R. Holmes, Charles Starkweather and City Engineer E. H. Dunmire called upon Mr. Young and urged that he care for the local men before bringing in outsiders. To them Mr. Young repeated his previous statement that only enough men and teams to operate the excavating machine would be brought into the city. Mr. Young stated that three experienced men would be required to handle this machine, but otherwise he would employ only Lawrence men on his contract.... While the city probably cannot compel a contractor to use Lawrence labor these contracts were hastened by the city authorities in order that work might be provided for local men who have been out of work all winter, and word that outsiders were to be brought in aroused a storm of protest. The matter seems to be adjusted now, however, to the satisfaction of all parties concerned."
  • "Catching the Lawrence spirit of getting busy early this year, the brick plant will open for work next Monday. Fifty men will be employed. The plant does not usually open until April but this year it will give men work about three weeks before the regular time."
  • "The City of Lawrence is 'in bad' with the Golden Belt Auto Road Association. Lawrence must raise $100 in a hurry and do a speedy job of painting and promise to pay more attention to the portion of the road leading into this city or lose her position on the Golden Belt map. This is the sort of ultimatum which was issued yesterday at the meeting of the association held in Bonner Springs.... The trouble is said to have been caused because of a lack of interest in the road on the part of Lawrence people.... It is now proposed to mark the road by branding all of the telephone poles along the line. The bands to be painted on every pole in vivid colors so that it will be impossible for tourists to lose their way. The present system of signs is proving unsatisfactory as a number of the signs have been destroyed and the trail is thus poorly marked. By painting each pole along the road it is hoped to blaze a trail from Kansas City to Denver that any tourist can follow."
  • "The University Engineers -- 250 of them -- will make merry tonight at their fourteenth annual banquet which will be held in Robinson Gymnasium. The affair promises to be the biggest ever given by the engineers. Oscar Dingman, president of the Engineering school, stated this morning that there would be plenty of excitement in the way of good speeches and clever stunts."
  • "The First Regimental Band last night gave another splendid concert at F. A. A. Hall. The local musical organization is giving Lawrence a high grade of music and deserves highest praise for its work. The occasion last night was the third annual winter concert. Following the concert the annual ball was held. It was a pleasant evening for a goodly number of people who like to dance. The band is very well pleased with the effort of last night and with the appreciation shown by the audience."


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