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Many victims of domestic violence not getting help they need, report says

March 10, 2014


— Many victims of domestic violence nationally and in Kansas aren't able to get the help they need because of decreased resources, according to a report released Monday.

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The National Network to End Domestic Violence report focused on assistance given to victims of domestic violence during a 24-hour period, Sept, 17, 2013.

During that day, 66,000 domestic violence victims received help from service organizations across the United States. But 10,000 didn't.

In Kansas, the ratio of un-served victims was higher. On that day, 727 victims received assistance, but 296 didn't get help, and 83 of those were for emergency shelter.

"We are very concerned that victims cannot receive all the services they need in their own community," said Joyce Grover, executive director for the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (KCSDV).

"The number of victims who had to be referred elsewhere is more than twice what it was the year before. This is unacceptable," Grover said.

In 2013, 1,696 staff positions were cut by domestic violence programs nationwide because of funding reductions, an average of 1.2 staff per program.

In Kansas, domestic violence programs have also experienced staff cuts and continue to try to meet an increased demand for services with fewer resources, the report said.

"When one in four murders in Kansas is related to domestic violence and the number of domestic violence incidents reported to law enforcement is at a 20-year high, more attention and resources must be dedicated to these essential, life-saving services," Grover said.

Grover said the state has maintained level funding from its general use fund, but that domestic violence programs are receiving less money from a fund that is composed of court docket fees and marriage licenses fees.

Meanwhile, domestic violence cases are hitting record levels, she said.


Larry Sturm 4 years, 2 months ago

Only the rich get help from tax cuts. BROWNBACK BAD FOR KANSAS.

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