Lawrence High School students medal in German

Thirty-one Lawrence High School German students Saturday competed in the annual KATG Schülerkongress at Kansas University. The events included poetry recitations, prose readings, a spelling bee, a culture quiz and video and poster contests. More than 350 German students from across Kansas attended the competition.

LHS students took the following honors:


First place: Tristan Reynolds, Sabina Caldwell, Nico Groth, Genevieve Voigt, Thomas Peters, Ian Jones, Lydia Caldwell, Pride Leggins, Patrick Oblon, Marnie Bolen, Zachary Spears

Level 1

Poetry: Hanna Hall, Pride Leggins, Andrew Slimmer, Ian Jones, Mary Reed-Weston, Lourdes Kalusha-Aguirre, Lydia Caldwell

Prose: Hanna Hall, Mary Reed-Weston

Spelling: Lydia Caldwell, Mary Reed-Weston

Level 2

Poetry: Genevieve Voigt, Mary Schwartz, Shana Rurode, Emma Oury

Prose: Genevieve Voigt

Spelling: Lexi Simmons, Genevieve Voigt

Level 4

Poetry: Sabina Caldwell, Tristan Reynolds

Prose: Tristan Reynolds

Spelling: Sabina Caldwell