Letters to the Editor

Letter: Play applauded

March 8, 2014


My husband and I attended the opening night of “Other Desert Cities” and were wowed. Theatre Lawrence is to be applauded for starting important conversations with their current production. What we witness on stage is the impact on each member of a family of long-held secrets. The outstanding performances by each of the five actors prompts laughter, tears and reflection. Both the excellent acting and the story invite reflection on our own experiences in our own families.  

For some who experience this play, reflection will lead to important, perhaps long overdue, conversations in real life. Some of those conversations will be with friends and family. Some of those conversations merit the help of a support group or therapist. And that is also a good thing. It’s never too late to heal.

The powerful performance of “Other Desert Cities” is quite a gift to community members.  Thank you, Theatre Lawrence and all of the cast, crew and supporters who make this possible.


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