Carnival at LMH Saturday to teach kids about nutrition, fitness

March 4, 2014


Lawrence Memorial Hospital is hosting a nutrition carnival Saturday morning for children and accompanying adults.

The free, interactive event will feature a variety of nutrition- and fitness-related activities. No advance registered is needed; parents and children can drop in conference room A of the hospital anytime between 9 and 11 a.m.

Kids who attend will get a passport and, if they visit 12 activities, a small participation gift. Activities include "My Plate: Create a Healthy Snack," fruit and vegetables riddles, "Lean and Mean Wheel," "Eat Like the Rainbow," "Beat Back Bed Bugs with Clean Hands," food labels, "Fill up Your a.m. Fuel Tank," "Go, Slow and Whoa," spin the nutrition wheel, "Do the Dairy," physical activity break, "Plant a Seed," parfait-making, resistance bands and pick your favorite fruit and vegetable.

There will also be educational presentations for older kids and adults. At 9:30 a.m., Hy-Vee dietician Mary Jo Mason will teach "Breakfast: the Most Important Meal of the Day." At 10 a.m., LMH community educator Aynsley Anderson will present "Ten (or More) Ways to Improve Your Nutrition."

The Kansas Masons will also provide their free Child Identification Program, or CHIP. Children between 0 and 18 years old will give photographs, a short video, a DNA cheek swab, digital fingerprints and identifying and contact information. Parents will then receive a CD with the information to take home; the Masons do not keep any data.


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