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100 years ago: Generous rainfall comes ‘just in the nick of time’

June 12, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 12, 1914:

  • "The rainfall last night amounted to 3.30 inches according to the report of the station at the university. In Kansas it always seems to rain just in the nick of time. So the rain last night came at the opportune moment just as the farmers were becoming really worried about the drouth. Farmers this morning are wearing the smile that won't come off. This rain means dollars unestimable to them. Last night's precipitation was no mere shower but a genuine downpour lasting the greater part of the night. While the rain was heavy there was no wind and very little of the wheat was taken down. The fear of the farmers has been that a severe wind and rain storm would bring down the wheat and make it hard to bind. L. D. Howard who lives near Sibley, said today that the wheat in that neighborhood was very little damaged.... W. D. Pine, from north of town, was of the same opinion. He said very little of the wheat was down. The farmers today are feeling mighty good.... The rain last night seems to have been general over Eastern Kansas. The river today has showed a considerable rise."
  • "The band did not play last night in South park. The rain came just at the time to start to the park. The first concert of the summer will be given next Thursday night."
  • "An auto collision occurred yesterday afternoon at the turn near No. 6 school house, a mile west of Lawrence. R. M. Morrison was returning to town and just at the corner which is completely hidden by brush he ran into the car driven by Coach Mosse of the University. Morrison's car being the lighter of the two was the worse damaged, having the front axle broken and fender bent. The Mosse car received a few small dents. No one was hurt. This is a dangerous corner and has been the subject of much complaint. The corner is grown up with hedge and vines so that a person in making the turn cannot see anyone coming from the opposite direction until almost upon them."
  • "The Past 75 Picnic of the newspapers and the street railway company acting in conjunction will be a great affair. This morning Captain J. M. Spencer agreed to furnish some music on his fiddle. 'It is not a violin,' said the Captain, 'it is a fiddle.' And the Captain sure can make music.... In addition to this there will be old time songs and a general good time.... The Past 75 Party is for all the old people in the city or surrounding country. Everything will be free and no one can spend any money if they wanted to. It is the only rule that is made. No money must be spent by the guests."
  • "The Fire Department made a run at 9:00 o'clock last night. The lightning struck a tree at 17th and New Hampshire streets. No damage was done."
  • "Lightning struck the house of Lewis German near No. 6 school house last night. The damage amounted to about $250."


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