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100 years ago: Farmer sues for compensation for fossil taken from his land

June 9, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 9, 1914:

  • "Peter L. Garrity of McAllester, filed suit this morning in the district court against the state board of administration of educational institutes of the state of Kansas to recover $2,500 which he alleges is due him from a fossil found on his farm and now in the possession of the state museum at the University. Garrity claims in his complaint that in July 1911, C. D. Bunker, assistant curator of the museum, and his assistants entered Garrity's farm which is located about four miles south of Wallace, in Wallace county, and carried away with them a large fossil which has since been valued at $2,500. Garrity claims that the fossil is now in the museum at the University and that he has never received any compensation for it."
  • "The south Lawrence school will be built on the Williams property bounded by Kentucky, Vermont, Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. The board of education decided last night at their regular meeting to accept the Williams proposition. The property will cost the board $7,000 cash and the lots which are owned by the board in west Lawrence and for which they have had a bid of $1,000. This makes the site of the south side school cost the equivalent of $8,000."
  • "The auditors who have just completed the audit of the city's books have nothing but praise for the officials, past and present, of the city. The audit shows that the books have been kept in exceedingly good shape and all accounts are as straight as can be. The audit covers the past five years and a mistake of only $1.00 was found. This was a clerical error and was in favor of Frank Brooks, the city clerk. The auditors took pains to speak a word of praise to the men who have kept the city's books on account of their painstaking accuracy and care.... The auditors will spend some time going over some of the books of the county at the court house. They began this work this morning."
  • "The Merchants team in the Armory Ball tournament slipped one over on the Preachers and Doctors team yesterday by defeating them with a score of 23 to 17. The game was fast and both teams showed an excellent knowledge of the game.... The game today will be between the Printers and the Lawyers and Bankers. Should the Printers win it will make a tie between the three leading teams."
  • "Prof. McKeever has received an invitation to speak at Lincoln., Neb., on Sunday, June 14. He has been asked to speak on the subject of the cigarette question.... It has been stated by authorities that 75 per cent of the boys above the eighth grade are addicted to the use of the cigarette, and the people are thoroughly aroused to a campaign against its sale and use."
  • "The Water Sport Carnival held on Potter Lake yesterday afternoon was a decided success and proved a novel way of starting Commencement Week of the University on its way. The events ran off smoothly in spite of a stiff wind which blew over the campus. Some little excitement was caused when George Fair became slightly over-excited and made a deep dive into shallow water. His head struck a rock, knocking him unconscious and cutting a gash in his scalp. Golfers and fishermen were given a chance to show their skill with their respective paraphernalia."
  • "Tomorrow is the forty-second annual commencement of the University of Kansas. The exercises will be held at Robinson Gymnasium at 10:00 in the morning."
  • "While Western Kansas crept under blankets last night, Eastern Kansas was gasping in the open air with the thermometer as high as eighty. At Goodland, the temperature was as low as 46. At ten this morning the temperature here registered 85."


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