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Morgan criticizes Kobach for working with Nugent on Texas bill to kill feral pigs from helicopters

June 5, 2014


— Republican secretary of state candidate Scott Morgan on Thursday took aim at incumbent Kris Kobach for helping rocker and gun rights activist Ted Nugent and Texas officials pass a law making it easier to hunt feral pigs from helicopters.

"The self-appointed Guardian of State Sovereignty needs to stop shooting pigs from helicopters in Texas with Ted Nugent and start focusing on his job in Kansas," said Morgan, of Lawrence, who will face Kobach in the Aug. 5 Republican Party primary.

Morgan and other critics of Kobach say he spends too much time advocating around the country for anti-illegal immigration laws and other issues.

Kobach said he helped Nugent and Texas officials in 2011 with legislation that expanded the ability of hunters to kill feral hogs from helicopters. He said feral hogs in Texas do significant damage to crops.

Kobach said he worked on the issue in his spare time, it only took a few hours, and it didn't take any time away from his duties as secretary of state.

Kobach said he went to Texas one weekend and participated in a hunt of feral pigs from a helicopter.

The issue arose because Nugent on Wednesday posted on his Facebook page a photo of himself and Kobach with a plea to Nugent's followers to donate to Kobach.


4 years ago

Sounds like the way to go hunting if yer rich & want to put a sh*t eatin' grin on yer face. Don't really see the problem here. You either hunt on the ground or from the air. Problematic? I don't think so. No real story. Nugent/Kobach connection? Doesn't really surprise me. Nutters hang out with what...

Julius Nolan 4 years ago

Bet Kobach would also be willing to help draft laws for the state senator who suggested shooting illegal migrants from helicopters.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 4 years ago

Makes you wonder if it was hogs they were hunting. Talk about lazy. This isn't hunting.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 4 years ago

What a grand and appropriate job for Kobach. Executioner of ferel pigs> How appropriate!!

Maybe this will give him less time to stop his campaign of keeping Democratic voters from voting in Kansas!!!!

Bob Smith 4 years ago

Feral hogs are a terrible and growing problem. The idea is to eradicate them, not to provide a traditional hunting experience for the hunters doing the harvesting.

Scott Morgan 4 years ago

Hi, I'm the other Scott Morgan, not the candidate. I do not hunt anymore, but spent a good deal of life doing so. In stating this just got back from looking at homes in the Ozarks. Good grief the damage the cute little armadillos (heading towards Lawrence) and feral pigs can do.

Saw the damage first hand.

More than a few locals told me shoot any of them on sight. A feral pig (s) can rip a good sized garden to shreds in a matter of an evening. The goofy amildillos dig, dig, and when they tire, dig more. Both spread disease. Good grief Scott, people want common sense, not bleeding hearts.

Brock Masters 4 years ago

I guess it is okay to eradicate hogs from helicopters in Kansas because it was done under the Sebelius administration?

Yes , we eradicate hogs in Kansas from helicopters. It isn't hunting but eradication of a feral animal that not only does crop damage but spreads disease.

But hey, it is okay because Sebelius is a saint here in Lawrence and can do. O wrong.

Julius Nolan 4 years ago

Been on Koch payroll long, like Dave?

Dan Eyler 4 years ago

The state of Kansas and other states routinely use helicoptors to shoot feral pigs. They populate so quickly they become very difficult to eliminate. They are extremely destructive to any land you find them. Helicoptors were used by the government to kill off the feral pig population around Clinton Lake. Shooting feral pigs from helicopters using my trusty DPMS M4 AR using VMAX ammunition would be a great service to the state of Texas or Kansas.

Ken Lassman 4 years ago

Totally agree. Feral pigs are the zebra mussel of the woodlands and pretty much any and all measures should be taken to control and exterminate them for the same reasons. Mr. Morgan knows not what he speaks of here--maybe he should get in on the next helicopter extermination exercise in a problem area here in Kansas or at least have someone show him the damage that those non-native pigs can wreak.

Dan Eyler 4 years ago

Also want to say this Morgan guy sounds like a poorly informed moderate RINO who has no outdoor experience and seems to be quite jealous about Secretary Kobach's ability to multi task not to mention his understanding of constitutional law. This guy Morgan comes across as an attorney corporations would like to have in office. But his argument about pig hunting in Texas seriously demonstrates a level of ignorance.

Julius Nolan 4 years ago

Feral hogs are a problem, but a far worse problem are feral GOP legislators and governors. Cause far more destruction to our country.

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