Mrs. Mass.: Englewood Florist is a master of the bouquet

January 30, 2014


If I had my way, I’d have fresh flowers in my home year-round. There’s just something about a fresh bouquet — or even a single stem — that can brighten, freshen and cheer up a room. Since living in an apartment building doesn’t allow for the resources needed to have fresh blooms available at my fingertips 24/7 (that whole backyard thing is missing), I must go elsewhere to pick them up. With Englewood Florist located downtown at 1101 Massachusetts St. — easy to get to, and open Monday-Saturday — I really have no

Find Englewood Florist at 1101 Massachusetts St., 841-2999,

Find Englewood Florist at 1101 Massachusetts St., 841-2999,


Englewood Florist has existed here in Lawrence since 1993. I was told they’ve been in their current location for 17 years, which is pretty fantastic. This local business is family owned and operated, which makes them an ideal shop to depend on for attention to detail and customer service.

The store itself is welcoming and familiar, too; the first time I stepped into the store, I already knew I wanted to return. It might have been good vibes, or just remarkably fresh flowers, but I was smitten.

Eager to pick out a few fresh flowers for my home, I approached the coolers wide-eyed and giddy. Oh, the daisies, hydrangeas and roses were all so full of color and life (unlike our wintertime surroundings); I experienced a boost in my mood just by viewing these delicate gems.

After a little back and forth (pink? no, no... red, definitely red... er, no…) I decided on three cream-colored roses. Simple enough for any room, I knew these would do the trick.

While my request was small, you can count on Englewood’s for almost any holiday or occasion. Weddings, anniversaries, new baby celebrations, sympathy and even gift baskets, Englewood is at your service. Let’s be honest, though: you don’t need an “occasion” to get flowers for someone (or for yourself)! A fresh bouquet is one of those pleasures that is always cherished.

My sweet roses were just shy of $20 (three stems at $6 apiece). Not bad for a mood boost that will last days longer than an afternoon chocolate fix! And as you can tell, this local flower shop has something for every price range. In fact, if you’re totally lost when it comes to flowers, Englewood Florist is happy to hear your price range and design a personalized bouquet to suit your needs. How’s that for service?

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William Enick 4 years, 4 months ago

Englewood Florist is the best flower shop in the Milky Way. Period. End of story. Close your browser.

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