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100 years ago: Lawrence enjoys ‘June-like’ weather in January

January 28, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 28, 1914:

  • "Lawrence enjoyed another June-like day today. At 2 o'clock this afternoon the thermometer on the hill showed a temperature of 63 degrees above zero -- doesn't sound just like January weather does it. But the weather man evidently likes winter time better at this particular stage of the year and has promised a cold wave for tonight. Just how cold it will get he doesn't say."
  • "Dr. Frank Strong, chancellor of the University, brought further charges against the pool halls last night in a talk before the meeting of the Lawrence Merchants Association. That these resorts are contrary to the community interests, that they are degrading to morals and that they are an economic loss are the accusations brought by the Chancellor.... 'They are undoubtedly a moral disadvantage to the youth of this city and of any city. And it is unfortunate, too, for there is no better game, no cleaner game than billiards, when properly regulated. But there has come to be a conflict between the private interests of the pool hall and the interests of the community and the private interests must give way for the good of the community.'"
  • "At the meeting of the Merchants Association last night a committee was named by President Starkweather to take up the matter of a hitching place for country people who come to Lawrence to trade.... The hitching place proposition has been on for some time. Petitions have been received from the country folks asking that they be better cared for when they come to Lawrence. There is much opposition to the hitching posts on Massachusetts street and this has led to the suggestion that a hitching place be provided where the rigs and animals of the country shoppers can be properly cared for."
  • "The special report on well waters in Kansas which was made recently by Erasmus Haworth, state geologist, was received in bound form at the University this morning and is now ready for distribution. Anyone in the state who wants to know about the water situation in any section of the state can apply to Chancellor Strong for the report. On receipt of six cents postage the report will be sent to anyone in the state."
  • "Cordelia Brown, aged 21 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Brown, 701 Connecticut street, died this morning of pneumonia. The body will be taken to Holden, Missouri, tomorrow for burial."


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