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Brownback: Kansas economy can sustain budget goals

January 24, 2014


— Gov. Sam Brownback remains confident that the Kansas economy will continue to show strength and generate revenues to fund his budget proposals.

Speaking to reporters Friday, the governor says his administration's experience in the past three years in setting priorities and building reserves support his optimism.

Brownback wants to increase spending in three areas in the current budget year — the state pension system, public schools and the state's share of Medicaid health care programs for the poor, elderly and disabled.

Budget projections show the state eating into its cash reserves that were built over recent years. The declines are related to ongoing government expenses and cuts in the state income tax rates enacted in 2012 that reduced the amount of revenue Kansas collects.


Michael LoBurgio 3 years, 10 months ago

Since 2011 brownbacks tax cuts for the rich [koch brothers] 86 0f Kansas 105 counties have been forced to increase property taxes to fill the gap left by reduced state funding.

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Michael LoBurgio 3 years, 10 months ago

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