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25 years ago: All Lawrence legislators will oppose state death penalty

January 17, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 17, 1989:

Today's Journal-World reported the reactions from local legislators about Gov. Hayden's proposed death penalty legislation, which had been announced yesterday. All four Lawrence legislators said today they expected to oppose the legislation to reinstate the death penalty in Kansas, a proposal that the governor said had "overwhelming public support." "I'm opposed to it, but I'll sure look at it," said Sen. Wint Winter Jr., R-Lawrence. "If there's going to be a bill we need to make it as tight and as protective as we can." Rep. Jessie Branson, D-Lawrence, said she would oppose this bill just as she had opposed similar bills in the past. "I just don't think the state gains anything by killing people," she said. "There are just too many studies that tell us it is not a deterrent and too many low income and minorities are treated unfairly." Branson also voiced her concern that a mistake could be made and the wrong person put to death for a crime. She also said that the legal process to reach the point of execution was extremely costly. Rep. Betty Jo Charlton, D-Lawrence, also said she would continue her opposition to capital punishment, saying that "it has never, as far as I know, been administered with justice." Rep. John Solbach, D-Lawrence, said that although he would consider the bill that was introduced, he doubted he would support it.


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