Style Scout: Blake and Monique Spencer

Clothing details: Monique: Sweater, 0, White House Black Market; scarf and shirt, Gap; jeans, 0, American Eagle; boots, don’t remember price, Anne Klein. Blake: Shoes, 0, Kenneth Cole; 7 for Mankind jeans, don’t remember price, Arizona Trading Company; sweater, 0, Banana Republic; T-shirt, Fruit of the Loom!

Ages: Fortysomething

Relationship status: Married

Hometown: Lawrence, pretty much.


Monique: I’m a stay-at-home mom.

Blake: I’m an insurance adviser

Dream jobs:

Monique: I love my job! What’s a better job than to raise little ones?

Blake: I’d just ride my bike more.

What were you both doing when scouted? Date night! Going to dinner.

Describe your styles: 

Monique: How would we describe our style?

Blake: Casual. These clothes that we’re wearing are the “do-nots.”

Monique: I’m metropolitan! Can I say casual chic?

Fashion trends you love: 

Monique: I love tweed and scarves.

Blake: I’d say low-maintenance, easy and comfortable (trends).

Fashion trends you hate:

Monique: What were those crop tops those young girls were wearing last season with the muffin tops? They do not match!

Blake: Uggs and short shorts.

Fashion influences:

Blake: John Lennon and…

Monique: Yoko Ono. Just imagine!

What would you both like to see more or less of in Lawrence? Smoother roads, less potholes and more bike paths!

Whom do people say you both look like? Not John Lennon or Yoko Ono!

What type of music do you both like: Folk alternative

Tell us some secrets: 

Monique: Oh boy, they’re going to be so bored reading our stuff. You could ad-lib if you want. Well, our secret is that we are Lifetime Movie Network watchers, which if you have never watched, is very embarrassing.

Blake: My secret is I watch it even when Monique isn’t around.