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Column: Todd-forsaken KU starting QBs rough to rank

Kansas University quarterback Todd Reesing throws against Texas in this Nov. 15 file photo at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas University quarterback Todd Reesing throws against Texas in this Nov. 15 file photo at Memorial Stadium.

January 16, 2014


Reader poll
Seven different QBs have started at least one game for Kansas football since Todd Reesing exhausted his eligibility. Which of Reesing's seven successors — listed in chronological order based on date of first start — has been the best so far?

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Todd Reesing (2007-2009)

Record as starter: 25-13, .658

Completion percentage: 63.8

Touchdowns/interceptions: 90-33

Yards per pass attempt: 7.7

Yards per rush: 1.9

The No. 7 and the position quarterback. Think about those together and you automatically picture Denver Broncos great John Elway. If you’d like to keep it that way, don’t read on. If you’d rather replace that image with another, continue, but do so with caution and feel free to take the exit ramp at any time.

The Kansas University football program, 9-39 since the departure of the great Todd Reesing, has started seven quarterbacks since No. 5 stopped scrambling and entered the business world.

When compared to Reesing, his seven successors are tied for eighth. When compared to each other, who ranks first? Much, much tougher question. I’m stumped and need your help.

So as not to influence your decision when you cast your vote at on which of his successors you think has been the most effective, the candidates are listed in chronological order by the date each made his first start: Kale Pick, Jordan Webb, Quinn Mecham, Dayne Crist, Michael Cummings, Jake Heaps, Montell Cozart.

In case you were wondering, “none of the above” is not an option in the poll.

Cummings, Heaps and Cozart remain on the roster, but when voting, consider only what they have done so far. Don’t project what you think they might do under new offensive coordinator John Reagan and throwing to wide receiver/savior Nick Harwell.

The statistics listed below were produced at KU, as starters and reserves, but only since Reesing’s departure. (Crist played at Notre Dame, Heaps at Brigham Young. After being shown the door by Charlie Weis, Webb played at Colorado.)

In the case of Pick, the stats exclude those he compiled as Reesing’s backup and as a wide receiver.

Kale Pick

Record as starter: 0-1, .000

Completion percentage: 58.3

Touchdowns/interceptions: 0/1

Yards per pass attempt: 5.4

Yards per rush: 0.9

Jordan Webb

Record as starter: 4-15, .211

Completion percentage: 60.6

Touchdowns/interceptions: 20/20

Yards per pass attempt: 6.2

Yards per rush: 0.0

Quinn Mecham

Record as starter: 1-3, .250

Completion percentage: 60.0

Touchdowns/interceptions: 6/5

Yards per pass attempt: 5.6

Yards per rush: 0.2

Dayne Crist

Record as starter: 1-6, .143

Completion percentage: 47.7

Touchdowns/interceptions: 4/9

Yards per pass attempt: 6.1

Yards per rush: Negative-2.4

Michael Cummings

Record as starter: 0-5, .000

Completion percentage: 47.0

Touchdowns/interceptions: 4/4

Yards per pass attempt: 5.4

Yards per rush: 2.0

Jake Heaps

Record as starter: 2-7, .222

Completion percentage: 49.0

Touchdowns/interceptions: 8/10

Yards per pass attempt: 5.4

Yards per rush: Negative-4.1

Montell Cozart

Record as starter: 1-2, .333

Completion percentage: 36.5

Touchdowns/interceptions: 0/2

Yards per pass attempt: 3.6

Yards per rush: 3.2


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