100 years ago: KU dean recommends rebuilding of state prison

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 13, 1914:

  • “That the penitentiary at Lansing be either renovated entirely by rebuilding the old structures or that a new prison be built on ground adjacent to the present enclosure are the recommendations made today by Dean F. W. Blackmar of the University of Kansas in a report to Gov. George Hodges. Dean Blackmar was appointed by Governor Hodges to make an investigation of the state penitentiary…. Dean Blackmar asserts that the present situation at Lansing is little better than it was twenty years ago and that ‘with all the earnest endeavors of officials and boards, the standards of efficiency and economy always have been and still are low.’… A vigorous indictment is made of present conditions at Lansing in its relation to tuberculosis among the prisoners. Since 1900, 37 per cent of the deaths at the penitentiary were from tuberculosis, and 200 prisoners now have the disease. Thirteen per cent of the deaths since 1900 have been as a result of pneumonia.”
  • “The Tango, the latest step being indulged in by the dancing public, is the subject of considerable discussion just at present as a result of the ‘Tango Teas’ and ‘Receptions’ to be given in Lawrence this week. And much of this discussion is developing into opposition, opposition that is well organized and which may assert itself at the time scheduled for the holding of the ‘receptions.’ The university authorities are on record as stating that the rule regarding dancing must be observed and intimating that the consequences will be measured out to students who violate these rules and attend the Tango affairs. Today the Lawrence ministers appeared in support of the action of the University authorities and added a note of warning to the young folks of the town and to their parents…. By a unanimous vote the members of the Berean Bible Class, an interdenominational organization of the city, yesterday decided to have a resolution drawn up condemning the Tango and other new dances being introduced in the city.”
  • “Hugh Means will not be a candidate for the office of Mayor of the City of Lawrence. Mr. Means this morning issued a letter of reply to the citizens who petitioned him to become a candidate. In his communication he declares that it is impossible for him to enter the race.”
  • “National Constitutional Prohibition Day will be observed by the W. C. T. U. at their room in Watkins Bank, Thursday, January 15. The men and women of Lawrence are invited to attend any or all of these services and take part in the singing, prayers offered, or subjects discussed.”
  • “Washington, D.C. — President Wilson and his family arrived at 7:30 o’clock today from Pass Christian, and motored to the White House for breakfast. It was eighteen degrees above zero when the president stepped from his private car. The party shivered at the extreme change from the warm climate of the Gulf coast. The trip was uneventful. The president greeted crowds everywhere but made no speeches…. The president’s face was the picture of health as he got back to his desk.”