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100 years ago: Department head at KU outlines plans for child welfare

January 8, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 8, 1914:

  • "Professor W. A. McKeever, head of the Child Welfare department at the University, this morning made an official announcement of the work of his department. The work will proceed along the following lines: First, to assist in the formation and the promotion of Mothers' Clubs, parent-teacher associations and other child fostering clubs of a similar nature. Second, to assist in the establishment and administration of municipal play grounds, or neighborhood play centers and to give advice as to play apparatus for the child in the home. Third, to organize for the city boys of the state vacation classes in gardening, carpentry and other industries. Fourth, to give suggestions and encouragement looking toward the formation of such juvenile organizations as the Boy Scouts, the Camp Fire Girls, the Junior Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. Fifth, to offer all possible assistance to the local agencies in the administration of the Kansas anti-cigarette law. Sixth, to offer personal advice to parents and others concerning the vocational adjustment of the young."
  • "The organization of an improvement league to look after the interests of the South Side district of Lawrence was effected last night at a meeting of residents of that section. Thirty-five persons signed the roll and agreed to take an active part in every cause that is for the betterment of conditions in Lawrence."
  • "Dodge City, Kan. -- Forty Dodge City girls have organized a Good Habits Club and taken a vow to decline the attentions of any boy who swears, smokes, uses liquor or gambles. They will refuse also to attend any party to which an 'outlawed' boy has been invited. The boys have held a meeting and discussed the wisdom of yielding, but no definite action has been taken."
  • "County Superintendent of Schools C. R. Hawley is thoroughly disgusted with the roads in Douglas county. Being a man whose duty consists a good part in driving over these highways, he thinks he ought to know.... 'We people who have to travel on them know they are bad for the community. I drove from Lone Star last night, twelve miles, and I want to say the roads of this county are a disgrace to us.' Mr. Hawley says he doesn't believe dirt roads can ever be made satisfactory all over the state. 'If the Governor or some of the dirt road advocates would attempt to spin over Douglas county in an automobile today, I think they would agree with me,' he said."
  • "The Lawrence Business College will play Eudora High School at basketball tonight in the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium."
  • "Baldwin, Kan. -- Charges of fraud in connection with the Baker Endowment Campaign were preferred against two young men in Ottawa yesterday evening. It is charged that the two represented themselves as collectors of an 'Epworth League Endowment Fund.' They are said to have sent out letters conveying the information that one-fifth of the money raised was to go into the Baker University Endowment Fund. Baker authorities knew nothing of the plan and an investigation of the scheme resulted in the arrest of the two young men.... Following their arrest they were taken to Topeka and later will appear before the federal grand jury in Kansas City."


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