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100 years ago: City, county battle over ownership of Sixth and Vermont jail site

January 7, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 7, 1914:

  • "The city of Lawrence will shortly bring suit against the county of Douglas in the district court of Douglas county. The occasion for this suit is to be the possession of the old jail site on the river front at the corner of Vermont and Sixth streets. This piece of property has been a bone of contention for some time. The city is eager to again gain possession of the property which it once held, the county seems equally eager to hold the property and having the possession refuses to listen to the claims advanced by the city.... The city alleges that way back in the '60s it deeded the property to the county as a jail site. Since then the county has built a new jail and no longer uses the property for this purpose. The consideration was only one dollar, as the property had been laid out for public purposes and that the city could not sell it directly to the county. This controversy has a long standing and the outcome will be interesting to note."
  • "The sealing of the intake pipe at the Water Plant connecting with the river will be done by the company as ordered by the State Board of Health. This was made known to Dr. Crumbine by officers of the company yesterday morning at a conference.... This action of the company is the result of an order issued by the state board of health in December, prohibiting the use of river water by the local company. The board ordered that hereafter only well water could be used except in cases of emergency, such as a fire when more water is needed than can be pumped from the wells."
  • "Have You an Extra Horse? -- The Journal-World knows of a man who has feed but no horse. He will take good care of an animal and feed it well. If you have a horse you do not need, or if you know of anyone who has, let's get the horse and this man together and see if we cannot fix him out. This is an opportunity for service. You can call at this office at any time and report your horse. It ought not to be hard to get a horse for this man."
  • "The University of Kansas and Lawrence again will be hosts to the members of the Kansas Editorial Association. Last year the editors held their business and social meetings here but this year the newspaper men will go to school, study editorial problems and listen to prominent journalists. Newspaper week, as it is called, will be held here May 11 to 14.... Already thirty Jayhawker editors have signified their intention of coming to the University in May."


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