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25 years ago: Stricter parking rules to affect new apartments

January 5, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 5, 1989:

Developers of new apartment complexes in two of the city's zoning districts were to be bound by stricter off-street parking rules, according to action taken by the Lawrence City Commission this week. Commissioners had voted 3-1 to approve a text amendment to the zoning ordinance that would require developers to increase off-street parking spaces for apartments in RD (residence dormitory) and RM-3 (multi-family residence) zoning districts. The amendment increased the number of off-street parking spaces required to one space per bedroom for apartments with two or more bedrooms. Previously, the requirement had been 1 1/2 spaces for one- and two-bedroom units and 2 1/2 spaces for units with three or more bedrooms. Commissioner Sandy Praeger, who voted against the amendment, predicted the change would lead to either rising rents or to future housing shortages, especially for students.


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