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40 years ago: Gas tops 50 cents a gallon

January 3, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 3, 1974:

  • Gasoline prices in Lawrence today topped 50 cents a gallon, an increase that caused at least two station owners to try to figure out a way to register the change on their older pumps. A 5.8-cent increase per gallon had been announced on the previous day by the Amoco Oil Co. and had been passed on to customers today at all Standard service stations. At least two Standard stations in Lawrence -- Wes Grimes Standard Service at 2301 Louisiana and Paul Grace Standard at 846 Vermont -- reported this morning that their old-style gas pumps would not go that high, and a company maintenance man was expected to arrive soon to adjust the pumps. Dave Wilson, manager of Hillcrest Standard, 914 Iowa, said today he was lucky to have later-model pumps that would register prices as high as 99.9 cents a gallon. A survey of 15 stations today showed prices for regular gasoline ranging from 37.5 cents at a self-service station to 54.9 at one of the Standard stations. Managers at non-Standard stations said they had not yet been notified of price increases, but all said they were expecting them. Federal energy officials today said that fuel prices could possibly rise by as much as 10 cents per gallon in the coming month.
  • Lack of diesel fuel for pumps had made it impossible for "Mont Bleu" to make snow for its slopes until this week, but workers at the location four miles southeast of Lawrence said they were making snow now and would be ready in time for the weekend. About two feet of cover was needed before the recreation spot could be opened, workers said.
  • Lawrence School Superintendent Carl Knox today reminded local residents of the possible dangers that might be expected when President Nixon's wintertime Daylight Saving Time went into effect the following week. "A lot of youngsters will be coming to school in the dark," Knox said. "That means that youngsters walking and riding bikes must be extra careful and that motorists must be extra alert for them."


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