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Fix-It Chick: Mount a flat-screen TV

January 2, 2014


With the right tools and fasteners, mounting a flat-screen television on a wall can be a snap.

Step 1: Purchase a wall mount kit that is compatible with the television to be mounted. Read the instructions fully before proceeding.

Step 2: Choose a spot on the wall to mount the television. Have two people hold the television in place and use painters tape or a pencil to mark the position of the bottom of the television screen on the wall. Ideally the center of the screen should be at eye level from the typical viewing position.

Step 3: Use a stud finder to locate the adjacent wooden studs in the wall behind the selected area. Mark the stud locations with painters tape or a pencil.

Step 4: Lay the television face down on a level, soft surface and attach the television mounting hardware to the back of the television.

Step 5: Temporarily attach the wall mounting hardware to the back of the television. Measure the distance from the mounting hardware to the bottom of the television screen.

Step 6: Position the wall mounting bracket on the wall so that at least half the screws, if not all the screws, line up with the center of a wall stud. Use the mark on the wall indicating the screen location and the measurement of the mounting hardware on the back of the television to determine the mounting height of the wall bracket. Use a level to confirm that the bracket is in the optimal position and mark the screw hole locations on the wall.

Step 7: For screws that will not be driven into a stud, use toggle bolts or hollow wall anchors to secure them properly. Snaptoggles by Toggler are the best choice for securing the wall bracket onto drywall or plaster when studs cannot be reached. Snaptoggle fasteners are easy to install, and a single toggler can hold over 200 pounds.

Step 8: Drill pilot holes for the mounting screws. Install the necessary wall anchors for any screw that does not hit a stud.

Step 9: Mount the wall bracket securely to the wall.

Step 10: Attach the television to the wall bracket.

Step 11: Use surface mount cord minders to route the necessary cords to the back of the television. Keep the power cord a few inches away from the other cords to reduce interference.


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