Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sounds of the season

January 1, 2014


To the editor:

These are the sounds of Christmas:

• The smack of an open hand on a child’s face and the thud of a closed fist on a spouse’s jaw.

• The whirring of a toy helicopter, the beat of a toy drum, the cries of wonder and joy.

• The gurgle of whiskey emptied by an angry child into his parent’s toilet.

• The soothing melodies of Christmas music.

• The sad words of a simple prayer for help.

• The upbeat voices of relatives on the telephone.

• The panicky words of a 911 call.

• The patting on the backs of relatives wrapped in hugs.

• The sighs and cries of the lonely.

• The child shyly thanking everybody for her gifts.

• The rumble of empty stomachs.

• The spoken prayer of thanks for a bountiful meal.

• The tell-tale popping of corks on wine bottles, the fizzing of first beers.

• The slams of car doors, the ringing of door bells, the greetings of neighbors and friends.

• The sounds of silence.

• Grace said. Snores of the fed.

• Unheard cries for help, a meal, a bed.

These are a few of the sounds of Christmas.


Abdu Omar 4 years, 1 month ago

I thought Christmas was about how much money the merchants made during the "buying" season and how many gifts you received on Christmas morning.

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