Kansas legislature

Kansas Legislature

Lawmaker tells KU of strong opposition to proposed apartment complex for athletes

February 13, 2014


A state legislator told Kansas University Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little on Wednesday that there is strong opposition in the Legislature to the proposed $17.5 million Allen Fieldhouse apartments for KU basketball players.

“There is going to be push-back on that,” state Rep. Amanda Grosserode, R-Lenexa, said during a meeting of the House Education budget committee.

“I have massive heartburn about it,” said Grosserode, who is vice chair of the panel.

Gray-Little said the apartments are needed as a recruiting tool and to monitor and protect student-athletes from professional sports agents.

She said currently “people approach basketball players all of the time.”

KU is seeking authority from the state to issue bonds for the building, which would be paid off by the university. Of the 66 apartments in the building, 32 would be for student-athletes and 34 for students who are not athletes.

The project would also include a commons area, kitchen, parking lot and half-court basketball court.


Brett McCabe 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Why, exactly, do state legislators care? They aren't paying for it. KU basketball is the number-one entity in the state of Kansas, why not let it prosper?

Oh....I know why.....hard-core Republicans in Wichita and in Ag-Land that don't want KU to get too far ahead of the others. I wonder if state Republicans had as much heartburn about the upgrades at Bill Snyder stadium? Weren't those upgrades a little over-the-top?

By the way, thanks Lenexa for voting in this Nebraskan to head up the Tea Party in the state.

Julius Nolan 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Would someone explain to this clueless legislator that no tax funds are involved. Are all those who run as Republicans required to certify that their IQ number is less than their age? Sure seems like that in Kansas.

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