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40 years ago: ‘Substandard’ houses ordered vacated

February 13, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 13, 1974:

  • Placards indicating that the houses were "substandard" had recently been attached to six Lawrence dwellings. Housing inspector Ed Covington and City Manager Buford Watson said this week that the houses, on the 1100 to 1300 blocks of Ohio and the 1200 and 1300 blocks of Tennessee, needed to be vacated within a short time. Covington cited electrical and plumbing systems as the reasons the houses had received the designation.
  • As the result of the recent release of the movie "The Exorcist," sales of the book upon which it was based were booming in Lawrence as well as across the nation. Several local stores were temporarily out of stock; Dave Baird, manager of the Town Crier, 930 Massachusetts, called it the most "volatile" book on the market.


Ron Holzwarth 4 years ago

Oh, the memories! I saw 'The Exorcist' in the historic Dickinson Theater in Topeka with some friends during spring semester, 1974. At the time, I noticed its distinctive architecture, and I certainly appreciated it.

Clips from:

Not much is known or remembered about the inside of the theater, but there was a curtain, the “Dickinson” crest hung from the proscenium, and it had a balcony.

Starting out as the Novelty Theatre in 1908, the Dickinson Theater was smaller compared to its sisters The Jayhawk and the Grand. It would start out with vaudeville performers and comedy until the 1920’s, when it became a cinema.

The Dickinson Theater became a discount, or “dollar movie,” joint before its permanent closure in 1988. It would remain vacant until 1993, when it was demolished to create a parking lot.
-end clip-

I managed to find a photograph of it online that was taken in February 1984.

Dickenson Theater, Topeka, Kansas, February  1984

Dickenson Theater, Topeka, Kansas, February 1984 by Ron Holzwarth

Ron Holzwarth 4 years ago

PS: They used pea soup to make the movie.

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