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100 years ago: Mild winter becomes ‘well organized season of cold and blizzard’

February 7, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 7, 1914:

  • "The first zero weather came last night. Yet it was a little more than zero according to the University report. The minimum for the night is reported at minus 5 1/2. Indeed some winter weather, and the lowest temperature on record this season. A remarkably mild winter has suddenly become a well organized season of cold and blizzard. The high wind which came in with the storm disappeared somewhere over night and it was only a straight biting, freezing cold which prevailed this morning. But it was a cold that penetrated through overcoats and gloves and hurried the pedestrians along the street at an unusual gait.... All day yesterday the strong blizzardy north wind prevailed. It seemed to grow higher during the day and towards noon was blowing a genuine Norther that prevailed during the afternoon. But the coming of night brought a cessession in the weather hostilities along this line. But then came the further drop in temperature.... Happy indeed were those who had heeded the summer time warning and stored up some wood and coal in the basement or woodshed. An old stove was quickly set into place and soon a genuine fire was roaring up the chimney. Those who had abandoned their gas furnaces and had gone back to coal were also among the rejoicing this morning."
  • "There are two things that impress the most casual observer when he visits the new Emergency Hospital, formally opened with an 'open house' at the Social Service Hall, Pinckney and Vermont streets, this afternoon. Perhaps one naturally expects to see in a hospital a faultless example of cleanliness and it may be that most people look for simplicity in a sick room, but at any rate these two qualities stand out at the new hospital. The hospital is located on the second floor of the old brick building, formerly the county jail now used by the Social Service League.... The league expects to have enough funds donated at the open house this afternoon to provide at least one other hospital cot for the main room. There is room for three more."
  • "The State of Kansas is opposed to paying cash for political speeches to be made within the state.... Yesterday an account for $80, paid by Kansas University authorities for a special train which brought Secretary William J. Bryan to Lawrence for an address before the University students on January 5, reached the auditor's office in Topeka. Right there the auditor balked. But he found that the item had been paid for by the University students before the bill was sent the auditor."


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