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100 years ago: North wind brings more wintertime weather to Lawrence

February 6, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 6, 1914:

  • "An inch or more of snow, and a stinging high north wind coming out of the northwest served to make this morning resemble genuine winter time. Most of the thermometers down town this morning registered as low as 4 degrees, the lowest point that has been reached this year. The wind was whirling the snow down the streets, filling the faces of the pedestrians and almost sweeping them from their feet. It was a genuine gale of coldness coming right out of Winter's stronghold.... The change came early yesterday evening and was ushered in by a sprinkling of tiny sleet stones which later gave way to fine icy flakes of snow. This did not last long, but then came the wind, sometime during the night, and it stayed over this morning. The drop in temperature began with the arrival of the sleet last night. In his predictions yesterday the weather man told of colder temperature and a snow storm that was on the way. Also the ground hog who took a look at as elegant a shadow on Monday as he had ever seen predicted winter time ahead. It is here today and the indications are for a stay."
  • "The drop in temperature was accompanied by the regular gas failure in the sections of the city farthest from the mains. On the west side this morning persons dependent upon gas for heating purposes shivered in the cold while a sickly flame sputtered and flickered in the furnace or stove. And there was many a cold breakfast eaten in west Lawrence this morning because there was not sufficient gas to heat the coffee."
  • "The burning out of a chimney on the Lawrence National Bank Building this morning caused considerable alarm in the city. At 7 o'clock sparks were seen flying from the roof of the building and a fire alarm was sent in. The firemen responded but were unable to locate any fire. With the temperature down to where it was this morning and the wind blowing, a fire might have been disastrous to the limit."
  • "In a letter sent to the bakeries of the city of Lawrence by a committee of the Mothers League the bakers are requested to wrap all bread before sending it out of the bakeries to be sold to the consumers. The communication includes the threat of a boycott if the request is not conformed with. Several of the Lawrence bakers already wrap their bread and it is expected that the others will submit to the wishes of the women."
  • "A conference of Y. M. C. A. workers to discuss the problems of High School boys and the best means of meeting them will be held in Lawrence from March 16 to 18 inclusive.... The central theme of the meeting will be 'Effective Religious Work For Men and Boys,' and among the things to be discussed will be the relation of the boy to the home, the church and the school."


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