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40 years ago: Editorial questions motives of liquor-by-the-drink opponents

February 3, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 3, 1974:

From the editorial page: "Why is it that the people of Kansas and legislators turn their heads in mock virtue when the subject of liquor-by-the-drink is discussed? Why is it the public makes no clamor for another vote for repeal of the present constitutional restriction, and why do legislators treat the subject like it is covered with poison ivy? The primary reason is that Kansas already is well covered with hard liquor, through tricky legal devices, and no one who really wants to buy a drink can be turned away, that is, if he has the money and proper social position.... Lawrence has 17 private clubs where somewhere around 3,600 'members' can buy a drink with no more effort that buying a snort in any saloon or cocktail lounge in other states.... In other words, Kansans can have their liquor in copious amounts, by the bottle or by the drink, the way it is now. Why change and allow the establishment of 'horrible' saloons where little Mary or Herbie might be found after dark, visiting and imbibing with obnoxious drinking people? Of course, there is the matter of lost taxes and reduced state control... But why stir up the electorate as long as the thirsty crowd is mostly happy and contented. It must seem more virtuous to drink in a tax-free club than in a licensed saloon."


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