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100 years ago: ‘Tango artist’ reveals his true identity

February 1, 2014


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 1, 1914:

  • "The Mystery of the Tango and the Tango Artists is no longer a mystery. What was a rumor yesterday was declared a fact today when Emmet Crozier, alias Karl Wingate, offered a confession. It was a joke that was too good to keep and 'Wingate,' who is a 'mere' newspaper reporter on the staff of the Kansas City Star, confessed his part in the little scheme to teach Lawrence 'esthetic' dancing and to incidentally collect a little of the spare lucre here that burdens Lawrence people.... 'After it is all over,' says Mr. Crozier, 'will you forgive me for smiling every time I think of the delightful rural simplicity of your charming city, and its guileless youth? It can't be that those who came to our little party really believed we were imported 'artists.' You even liked us, it appears, and called our dancing 'aesthetic' and an 'artistic success.' Perhaps you would be interested to know that the young man who kicked ink all over the front pages of Lawrence papers and stirred the earnest Reverends to action against the 'Tango' is just turned twenty years and his little partner is not quite nineteen.... I send this just to throw another ray or two of light on a subject that seems to be of considerable interest in Lawrence just now."
  • "The month of January just closed is the second warmest month on record at the University of Kansas weather bureau. For 46 years the University has been keeping tab on the weather conditions. This record shows but one January with a higher mean temperature than the first month of 1914.... The mean temperature for the month was 34.7 degrees which is 7.5 degrees above the January average. The highest temperature was 63.5 degrees on the 28th and the lowest was 12.5 on the 12th, giving a monthly range of 51 degrees. The rainfall for the month, including melted snow, was 0.13 of an inch which is 1.01 inches below the January average."
  • "A municipal hospital ward in the social service hall will be formally opened to the citizens of Lawrence on next Saturday afternoon. On the second floor of the hall a complete and modern hospital ward will be shown all those who call on Saturday afternoon between the hours of 2 and 6 o'clock. Next week, the ward will be opened to patients and Lawrence will have something that has been a dream for years.... The building has been thoroughly gone over and put into first class shape for hospital purposes. One hospital cot has been ordered and two Lawrence men who are interested in the work of the league have donated an operating table."
  • "Considerable apprehension is felt at Haskell today over the news in a Washington dispatch that the Indian appropriation bill had been cut in the committee. It is feared that perhaps the appropriation of $30,000 asked for the erection of a modern gymnasium is included in the list of appropriations that fell before the knife. Supt. J. R. Wise of Haskell is hopeful, however, that this has not been the case. He says also that even if the committee does not approve of the appropriation it may be added in the house or senate."


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