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As city grows northwest, many new students won’t be allowed to go to Lawrence schools

Map of USD 497, the Lawrence school district, from the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Map of USD 497, the Lawrence school district, from the Kansas Department of Transportation.

August 24, 2014


Supt. Rick Doll can see the days of confusion coming.

As homes get built on the beautiful hillsides near Rock Chalk Park in West Lawrence, many of the homes will be within eyesight of Free State High School or Langston Hughes Elementary School. But the children in those homes won’t be able to attend those Lawrence public schools.

As the city grows to the northwest, it's exiting the Lawrence public school district and entering the Perry-Lecompton school district. That means students in those houses will be making the 15-minute cross-country trip to either Lecompton in northern Douglas County or Perry in southern Jefferson County to go to school.

If you think you can simply fill out some paperwork and get permission for your student to come to a Lawrence school, think again, Doll said.

“We have no plans to accommodate lots of kids who don’t live in our school district,” Doll said. “We just feel like we can’t do that.”

Perry-Lecompton officials, however, are eager and ready to start serving students from the city limits of Lawrence.

“Even though proximity-wise, they are farther away from what they would be from Free State or Langston Hughes, we will bring our buses to their front doors and bring them to our schools,” said Denis Yoder, superintendent for Perry-Lecompton, a 4-A district that has about 800 students. “Other districts can’t do that.”

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City commissioners at their Tuesday evening meeting are expected to approve one of the first major residential developments that will be both in the Lawrence city limits and the Perry-Lecompton school district. Commissioners are being asked to approve a 900-unit apartment complex called The Links, on property just east of Rock Chalk Park.

The Arkansas-based development group for The Links said it does not anticipate many school-age children living in the apartment complex. But both Doll and Yoder are confident that other traditional housing developments soon will happen in the area. School district lines are jagged in the area, so potential homebuyers will have to do careful research to determine what school district they are buying into. Generally, the property east of the South Lawrence Trafficway and north of the Rock Chalk Park property is in the Perry-Lecompton district. That equates to hundreds of acres of property that is largely undeveloped and very well situated.

“It is going to be a very convenient place to live with the turnpike and the South Lawrence Trafficway so nearby,” Yoder said. “We think there is a real good possibility that the area is going to take off in the future.”

Yoder said real estate developers have approached the district about ceding that territory to the Lawrence school district.

“Of course, there is no reason we would do that,” Yoder said.

The Perry-Lecompton district has seen enrollment declines in previous years. The district wants the growth that Lawrence housing could provide. The district recently contracted with Kansas University to produce a promotional video that can be used to show off the district’s facilities to developers, contractors and future home buyers.

“We think if we can get their attention enough to come through our facilities, they will be very pleased,” Yoder said.

The Lawrence school district does have a process where out-of-district students can apply to attend a Lawrence school. But Doll said the district tries to use it on a limited basis. For 2014, only 104 out-of-district students are part of the district, which has about 10,000 students overall.

Doll said he cannot recommend a significant expansion of the out-of-district program because it would create serious taxpayer equity problems. That’s because school districts receive their tax dollars in basically two ways. The largest amount comes in the form of a per-pupil payment from the state. When an out-of-district student comes to Lawrence, the Lawrence district does get the per-pupil payment. That pays for teacher salaries, and other such operational expenses.

But when the district goes to build a new school or undertake other such capital and technology projects, it relies on the growth of the district’s tax base to fund those operations. When new homes are built in the Perry-Lecompton district, the tax dollars generated by those new homes will stay with the Perry-Lecompton district, regardless of whether the students go to the Lawrence schools.

That would create a scenario where students living in the Perry-Lecompton district would be creating demand for new schools and capital improvements in the Lawrence district, but their parents would not be paying taxes to support those improvements.

“That would appear to be unfair to our Lawrence taxpayers,” Doll said.

The city’s decision to promote growth to the northwest will have tax consequences for the district. A good example is the apartment complex up for approval on Tuesday. If it were in the Lawrence school district it would have added at least another $35,000 a year to the school district’s budget. Its overall impact on the budget likely would have been larger, but it's difficult to accurately predict because of the complexities of school finance formulas. But since the project is in the Perry-Lecompton district, it is easy for Lawrence officials to comprehend: The Lawrence district won’t get any taxes from the project.

All of the new Rock Chalk Park development also is in the Perry-Lecompton district, cut city commissioners have granted the project a 100 percent property tax abatement. Once development jumps to the west side of the South Lawrence Trafficway, growth once again will be back in the Lawrence school district. But for the Lawrence school district to take full advantage of Lawrence’s future growth, district leaders need to hope that development activity turns to south Lawrence. That’s the area where the largest amount of undeveloped ground lies in the Lawrence school district.

Doll said developers have asked him to advocate for change in school district boundaries to capture the northwest area, but he has no plans to do so.

“We’re not going to get into the politics of that,” Doll said.

Instead, he’s recommending that future homebuyers make sure they understand what school district they are located in.

“I know it is going to seem weird that you can see the school, but you can’t attend it,” Doll said. “But we’re not going to be accommodating hundreds of kids from that area. If that area explodes to the north of our boundary, people need to understand that is not us.”


Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

Maybe if students from this potential western Lawrence area do wind up in the Perry-Lecompton school district they can dilute the small town insular bigotry that's existed in many small town school districts on the periphery of Lawrence over the years. Not a bad thing.

Lawrence Morgan 3 years, 9 months ago

I don't agree with your comments on Baldwin.

I brought one of the first black students to Baldwin some years ago, and they not only had a great education, but met many people in Baldwin as well as in Lawrence, of all races. I, and they, found Baldwin City to be an amazing place.

See the article in the Atlantic Magazine today online ("Self-segregation: why it's so hard for whites to understand Ferguson"). I'll be doing a blog on this article in a few days.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

"Two years in McLouth convinced me that Perry sucks at tolerance because, hey, Lawrence is awesome!" Thanks, Mike; I was looking for an example of bigotry.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

Try having a kid bullied into hanging himself a decade or so ago in McLouth or having a family member bullied out of attending a middle school graduation and having the administration complicit in the bullying. This is small town Merica....I guess you represent that right????

Scott Burkhart 3 years, 8 months ago

@ Mike Ford - Mike, I don't think you can find a place on this planet that doesn't have bigots. As a matter of fact, I could make a case based on your comments that you are a bigot but I won't. I will revert back to a previous post where I just called you plain pathetic. You have so much hate that you have talked yourself into believing it is righteous indignation. You are a hater. You aren't interested in equality only payback. There are many people in the Perry-Lecompton school district that would claim the same political beliefs as you but you have prejudged the community as bigoted. Pathetic.

Bob Smith 3 years, 9 months ago

That's the little ray of sunshine we've come to expect from Mike.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 9 months ago

Nothing to say to Brett? Why are you ignoring him? Small towns are small for a reason.


Bob Smith 3 years, 9 months ago

I don't monitor this site 24 hours a day. It's not my job to call out every hater. Nor is being the designated scold your official job.

Dan Gavito 3 years, 9 months ago

Does any know which school district(s) would benefit from taxes generated from the proposed Mercado retail development near the Rock Chalk Park ?

Brad Hightower 3 years, 9 months ago

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Scott Quenette 3 years, 9 months ago

Rick Doll sounds like a real servant of the students "We're not going to do that" "We have no plans for that" a lot of nope nope nope.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Interesting how people take away different things when reading the same thing. You see Doll's comments as negative whereas I see them as refreshingly straightforward, decisive and based on facts not spineless like others who are afraid to tell it like it is.

Cille King 3 years, 9 months ago

The school district lines have been set for a long time. Families moving to that area should know which school district they are in. Lawrence USD 497 is not in a position to accept kids outside their district.

Suzanne Jacobsen 3 years, 9 months ago

Yet, so many already are... Exception for one but not another?

J.j. Woodliff 3 years, 9 months ago

I'm involved in a lawsuit right now against a school district for that very issue.

Christian Camlin 3 years, 9 months ago

since there are only 104 out of district students in a district of over 10,000 perhaps you might think about why some of these out of district students were accepted.I'd be willing to surmise that most of those 104 students have special needs that can not be accommodated in a smaller district.Those needs could range anywhere from Autism Spectrum diagnosis to Dyslexia.Those 2 issues alone would probably cover 70-80% of the out of district student enrollment in Lawrence Public schools.They are not letting kids in because the Smith family is friends with one of the district's administrators.Special education students can be difficult for a smaller cash strapped rural district to handle.Try thinking before you make accusations in the future.

Scott Quenette 3 years, 9 months ago

So Lawrence should never attempt to grow one inch beyond it's current boundaries. Why did Free State get built so far west if they cannot have any students reside out there? It probably should have been built on the South side instead of the NW

Christian Camlin 3 years, 9 months ago

Lawrence is growing or they would not have this problem.But they can not redraw district boundaries because potential home buyers find one district more desirable than another.Free State was built in the Nothwest area because at the time that's where the area's new Growth was taking place.And hey great Idea Maybe they should have built Free State on the South side of town.Perhaps they could have put it on 19th street say Across the road from Lawrence Senior High School..Yeah that way kids could choose schools based on which school colors matched their wardrobe best.

Lawrence Freeman 3 years, 9 months ago

Heck, Free State is so overcrowded now, all students don't even have lockers.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 9 months ago

Ah, Lawrence Freeman, welcome to the paper. Is this a variation of the if you build it they will come theme?


Clark Coan 3 years, 9 months ago

I predicted a few weeks ago that USD 497 would build a new elementary school in that general vicinity due to the rampant growth in the area.

Amy Varoli Elliott 3 years, 9 months ago

Not unless they redistrict, and Perry would have to agree to that which it didn't sound like they would want to do.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 3 years, 9 months ago

Redrawing the lines would only hurt both schools. If development occurs it won't bring enough tax monies to the Lawrence School District to make up for the influx of students. The schools are already bursting at the seams in that area, and it would require hiring more teachers and/or building another school. Obviously, it would hurt Perry/Lecompton, because they could use the extra money and growth in enrollment, since they have lost students. Maybe parents would be attracted to a development there, if they want their kids to go to a smaller school.

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 9 months ago

Actually, wish someone could justify why Kansas has 322 school districts. There are only 105 counties in the state. Why does, apparently, every county have multiple district? Does that not translate into multiple duplicated departments? Why does any single county need multiple districts, all of which have the necessary services, such as administration, purchasing, etc. Think a lot of expenses could be cut by turning multiple districts into a single district along county lines and consolidating all these services.

Bob Smith 3 years, 9 months ago

Kansas counties vary in size from 1300 to 151 square miles. An overly simplistic solution is not the answer.

Bob Forer 3 years, 9 months ago

You are absolutely right, I lived for over a decade in Labette County, withc a population of less than 25,000 people. Yet there are four school districts--Oswego, Chetopa, Altamont and Parsons--along with four high schools, four superintendants, etc . An absolute waste of taypayers money considering the duplicative efforts.

However, even the hint of consolidation by a politician would be political suicide, as all four communities want autonomy and local control. That's why the subject has rearely been broached in Kansas, because of the political backlash.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 3 years, 9 months ago

And those four superintendents probably know the students better and are more personally involved than if you had one superintendent for the whole county. I realize that you think bigger is better, and you admire big corporations, even if they are becoming a monopoly, but this isn't a business. This is education. And bigger is not better. Schools are not factories.

Bob Forer 3 years, 9 months ago

You don't know me Dorothy, and hence you shouhldn't be making such crass and brash assumptions about what I believe.

I am hardly one who "admires big corporation."

You shouldn't be so presumptuous

J.j. Woodliff 3 years, 9 months ago

Kansas really needs to consolidate it's school districts and divide them up by county.

Christian Camlin 3 years, 9 months ago

Hey great Idea.For Example Johnson and Sedgewick counties could each have just 1 school District and just 1 high school.There is no reason a county of Half A million people should have 2 or 3 or more school districts..and of course there would be no problems with fitting 30-40 thousand kids in to just 1 high school in Johnson County?We could just re purpose the the old Sunflower Ordinance Plant into 1 giant high school for all of Johnson county.And since busing costs would be enormous why not have Grades 6 and above stay at a county Boarding school.The massive mostly vacant housing for the Sunflower Plant south of Desoto could be renovated and made into student housing during the school Year.This would free a lot of parents work with their older children having supervision through out the school years.and that extra work would be important to cover the higher educational taxes.And since everyone trusts the government to finish raising and socializing their children. there would not be any opposition to this move? Would there be any?Yeah great idea lets consolidate everything.Even states are just arbitrary boundaries but we will discuss that another time.But Why do we need 50 Governors.?

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 9 months ago

What does area have to do with it? Are you saying a central office can only serve a certain size area? Why not, currently every county has a county government and taxing district. Whats different than what I proposed? Seems that would simplify a lot of things, costs for services mostly.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 9 months ago

I was curious about this as I thought the larger the area the more people but that is not the case. This is a good web site to find out some facts about Kansas. It does prove Mike Ford and Brett to be correct.

Douglas County is 85% white, surprise,surprise.

There are many other pages on this site with statistics.

German Soldier: Verrry eenteresting... for those who remember Laugh-In.


Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

So Doglas county is 85% white how does that prove Mike to be right about small town bigotry?

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

because Mike Ford lived in said small town and witnessed bigotry firsthand two years of going to high school in said small town. My wife witnessed the same bigotry for ten years before I arrived in said small town. Trolling for the obvious?

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Nope Mike. She said because Douglas county is 85% white it proves what you said. Since Leslie failed to defend her position perhaps you care to tell me the correlation between your statement and the racial makeup of Douglas county?

You sure have experienced a lot of bigotry. Why do you suppose that is?

And so sensitive too - just because someone disagrees with you it doesn't mean they are trolling.

Waiting to hear your explanation of why the racial makeup of DG county proves bigotry. Not disputing your observation, just want to know how the two Are related.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike as you ponder a response consider this. Leslie said the fact that Douglas county is 85% white proves bigotry. Douglas co as a percentage has less whites than the state and a little more than the nation.

Oklahoma has less whites as a percentage than the US. Does that mean there isn't bigotry there?

Of course not. The racial make up of a city or state is. To an indication of bigotry.

Look forward to your rebuttal.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Quick to call troll but slow to refute. Take your time, but I've got things to do so I may not be back.

Stay strong and remember one finger cannot lift a pebble.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 3 years, 9 months ago

Many, not all, small towns hate anyone who was not born and raised there. I briefly taught in one of those towns. I though it was just me, but a couple of students who moved there recently were not welcome at all, and it wasn't just because of race either. I taught in another small town where new people were really welcomed, because the students were excited about meeting some new people other than the same old, same old. I'm not sure why one town was like this and the other wasn't, or if it was just that particular time frame.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Also, is that with KU students included? A bunch of students who cycle through every four years, doesn't exactly convince me Lawrence or Douglas county are quite the bastions of diversity they think they are.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 3 years, 9 months ago

Lots of KU students come from other countries. I've met people from almost every country in the world.

Lawrence Freeman 3 years, 9 months ago

In theory, that sounds great. The reality is the politics. Would the school board positions all be at large? Or based on the number of students from each school? I doubt if Lawrence, Eudora and Baldwin could ever agree on whats wanted in a Superintendent, let alone a curriculum.

Brian Hall 3 years, 9 months ago

If you can find a school district willing to discard jobs and identity more than a lot of them already have (do some research on school consolidation in Kansas and how it saves money but damages communities) then have at it.

Also, the bigger the school district, the more top-heavy it is with administration and having more people in the district office doesn't save any money.

J.j. Woodliff 3 years, 9 months ago

Honestly, the silly communities are not anywhere near as important as education. I say consolidate the schools and let the chips fall where they may. The bigger the school district, the more educational options there are for all students.

Lawrence Morgan 3 years, 9 months ago

I agree with you completely on this.

And by the way, there should be single funding for all the school districts in Kansas - they should be brought together for funding purposes. It doesn't make sense, and it isn't correct, that poor districts should be side by side with rich districts.

Thjs is a big problem for the entire United States. It's one reason why many districts (which are mostly white) are much better funded than poor districts (which are mostly minority).

J.j. Woodliff 3 years, 9 months ago

Most of the country consolidates schools by county and at least makes an effort to avoid racial discrimination. Religion is only promoted in the most backwards of public schools. Kansas, however; uses thinly disguised methods, such as "unified districts" to cheat anyone who isn't a white Christian out of a competitive education.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Lawrence is a pretty silly community. Split the Lawrence district in half and give one high school to Eudora and the other to Baldwin. That's a good start at consolidation; down from three to two.

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 9 months ago

Pathetic, no wonder Kansans are looked on as ignorant redneck hicks.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Good argument. You've convinced me of something.

J.j. Woodliff 3 years, 9 months ago

Area has nothing to do with it. A large county will have large schools, and many schools. People in Kansas say things like that to try to make it sound as if consolidating is a bad idea, when, in fact, it is a great idea.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

The largest county in Kansas has a population density of 46 people/square mile. The smallest 1,054 people/square mile. Two questions: What's the longest bus ride a kid will have in the largest county-wide school district? In which communities will the local schools remain open in the smallest county-wide school district?

But why do you care about county lines anyway? I don't see why you would only consolidate down to 105 school districts. That seems just as arbitrary as the number we have now. Are you trying to maintain the integrity of some larger county community?

Stuart Sweeney 3 years, 9 months ago

Good comment. Leavenworth county is a good example. Tongie and Basehor have around 2000 students each with superintendents, assistant supers, office and support staff and office located within 10 miles of each other.

Richard Heckler 3 years, 9 months ago

What's wrong with children attending school in the Perry LeCompton school district? We Lawrence taxpayers cannot afford more schools and the long list of expenses that come attached.

The real culprits behind this concern are local home builders and all those connected to the real estate industry.

Is there something wrong with the Perry-LeCompton school district? Most likely not.

Bob Forer 3 years, 9 months ago

hHrder to sell upscale houses located in the Perry-LeCompton school district. I am sure the wealthy developers at fuming at Doll's comments.

Greg DiVilbiss 3 years, 9 months ago

The thing is these kids are part of families that ARE Lawrence taxpayers since they LIVE in Lawrence and not Perry-LeCompton. The school district lines as they are shown that are clearly a result of very poor planning.

I totally agree with the earlier poster why would you build the new high school on the periphery of the district? It seems to me that schools need to be the center of a geographic population that it serves. How does it make sense for the kids to look out the window of their bus as they ride 20 minutes to another town and see Free State High right after they get on the bus?

J.j. Woodliff 3 years, 9 months ago

According to Brown v. the Board of Education, it does NOT make sense.

Cille King 3 years, 9 months ago

New schools, jails, large recreation centers, etc are built on the periphery of towns because it is politically difficult and more expensive to suggest clearing out several square blocks of housing, retail development, etc in order to build it near the center of a town.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 9 months ago

Good answer, Cillie, thank you for a reasonable comment.


Frank McGuinness 3 years, 8 months ago

Cillie, were you here in lawrence around 1996 when Free State was being planned? There was a host of land on the west side of town near wakarusa and 15th st that was undeveloped that would have centralized the school more appropriately.

Scott Quenette 3 years, 9 months ago

My earlier question has a clear answer. Money. Having only lived here a year and realizing the great divide between the North/East side and the West side I can only surmise that the upper crust didn't want their kids having to be so close to the common rabble.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 3 years, 9 months ago

But if we would annex this area into the Lawrence school district, it wouldn't bring enough tax monies and per student state monies to USD497 to pay for the extra schools that may have to be built, and the extra teachers that would have to be hired. They would have to resort to larger class sizes and maybe more of the dreaded mobile units. Perhaps developers need to look for another part of Lawrence to build. Both of our high schools are overcrowd now.

Richard Heckler 3 years, 9 months ago

If new residential paid for itself and was financially positive Lawrence should never be in a budget crunch.

Yet we see increases in taxes and fees.

With increased numbers of residential you have increased demand on services, and historically the funding of revenues generated by new residential does not pay for the services they require from a municipality.

Following the construction of the high dollar sewage treatment plant,SLT and rec center which in and of itself increases the cost of community services, will be ADDITIONAL high dollar items:

-- city staffing and equipment.

-- water and sewer lines.

-- streets and water main repairs.

-- houses which cannot pay for themsleves.

-- public schools.

-- fire stations.

-- law enforcement staffing/equipment.

-- snow removal.

-- bike trails and cross walks.

-- Traffic signals.

-- Traffic calming.

-- Strip Mall infrastructure.

-- Expensive Flood Control.

In general increases the cost of community services acoss the board to all taxpayers.

BEWARE: The real estate industry white collars are shaking down our wallets,increasing our taxes , inviting more air pollution and NOT improving our quality of life.

The more the city grows the more criminal activity as Topeka and KCMO document.

Greg DiVilbiss 3 years, 9 months ago

Question what does high demand and low supply to do prices?

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 3 years, 9 months ago

In the case of apartments supply that is more than demand doesn't do much. Rent is still too high.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

Actually I don't know about Baldwin City. I do know about McLouth though. That was a fun?? two years of high school. I found out later that McLouth and Winchester both used to be SUNDOWN towns for what it's worth. I got a good education there because I concentrated on studying and nothing else to get out. Everyone's related and things go a certain way. It always funny because I remember joking twelve years ago about when West Lawrence and East Topeka ran into each other. It looks like this process is starting.

Arnie Bunkers 3 years, 9 months ago

if a kid moves into a new development and finds he is in the Perry Lecompton district, he's going there.......unless he can tote the rock for a couple hundred yards a game, or shoot 40% from three. Lisher aint gonna let those boys get away. I Guearenteee it!

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

anyone else notice where the commenting amounts have gone? nice social experiment.

J.j. Woodliff 3 years, 9 months ago

Ahem. What happened to Brown v. the Board of Education and the guarantee of attending the school closest to one's home? Or are all the tiny school districts, two or three per county in Kansas, a way of circumventing Brown v. the Board of Education?

Paula Kissinger 3 years, 9 months ago

Bottom line...students going to Perry-LeCompton will receive a much better education. Period !

Christian Camlin 3 years, 9 months ago

Wow The arrogance and ignorance in that last statement are simply astonishing.Smaller is not always better.

Sara Johnson 3 years, 9 months ago

All of you are so easy to jump to your own opinions. School Districts boundaries are set for a reason. I had a long talk with the lawrence superintendent he is a very nice man and explained to me they have to keep strict boundaries due to not being able to accommodate students. Which makes complete sense. If you dont want your kids going to Perry dont move in their school district. Just an FYI Lawrence schools are pretty crappy if you ask me Perry or Baldwin would be a much better choice. I went to Baldwin and I have a son in Central here in Lawrence. He brought his 8th grade science syllabus home and i kid you not i learn all of it in 5th and 6th grade in Baldwin. He learned nothing last year and they pushed him thru with bad grades just to move him on. So instead.of complaining about the stupid boundaries. Do what you think is best if the houses in Northwest lawrence are Perry schools and you dont want your kids to go there THEN DONT BUY.A HOUSE THERE!!!!! Plain and simple exactly why we are moving to Baldwin to get our children a better education.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike, I love this self-righteous bit of small town native criticism that paints such a huge swath of the state with the same brush, especially when it comes from someone who spent a whole two years in one small town where he thinks he saw the dark depths of true bigotry.

As to consolidation, I hear this plea for commonsense a lot. It mostly comes from people in towns or cities big enough to have a reasonable expectation that their municipality would be the center of administration for the new district. Lawrencians, let's assume Douglas County were to have one consolidated school district with its district office on the far south side of Baldwin City or the far east side of Eudora; still in favor of consolidation? How about a few contiguous counties consolidate with the district office in Overland Park or even Perry for that matter? After all, the administrators can administrate from anywhere, can't they? Why not do away with school districts all together and go with the Unified School District of Kansas with district offices in Hays? Are we still all in favor of consolidation?

Brown vs. Board of Education was an issue completely within Topeka Public Schools (now USD 501). The district was sending black students to schools within the same district but much farther away from their houses (which, incidentally is the inevitable result of consolidation) instead of letting them go to the white schools within the district that were right down the street from their houses (which is an argument to let children go to whatever school is closest within their school district, not whichever school is closest in any school district).

Finally, as much as Perry-Lecompton would like to retain its rural culture, we're not afraid of a few students who live within the Lawrence city limits. We don't care what color or religion you are...We just don't want you to be Democrats.

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 9 months ago

You just summed up far too many rural thoughts. Watch much Fox News and drink a lot of tea?

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

I'm always so impressed by the air of superiority that every urbanite brings to an argument against a country dweller. It's usually made obvious by the oh-so-open-minded epithets they use for us. This ignorant redneck hick summed up many rural thoughts, but this towering intellect didn't try to refute a one. Maybe he's watching MSNBC with his bong in front of him.

Philipp Wannemaker 3 years, 9 months ago

Sorry Adam, was raised in the rural redneck south, know far too well what most redneck rural dwellers think. Unfortunately I was one of them long ago. . And I don;t watch either Fox, MSNBC or any network news. However I read a lot of other "legitimate" news sources and neither Fox, MSNBC nor CNN meet that requirement.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

I correct myself, the air of an escaped country dweller. It's usually even thicker with disdain because one is trying to distance oneself from one's old ways.

Kansas = South

Rural = Fox News and Tea Party

How nuanced your understanding of rural Kansas is. It's almost as though you've (never) been there.

Do any of those "legitimate" news sources teach about Kansas history and culture, or do you go out and experience that for yourself? That even you would put the word legitimate in quotation marks to describe the news you read makes me rather curious what you consider legitimate (with or without quotation marks).

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

Oh the Democrat thing huh???? I'll give you a history lesson, Democrats are thinkers. In 1948 Democratic President Harry S Truman integrated the US Military with an executive order #9938. When he did so many of southern racist Democrats of that era left the mainline Democratic party and became Dixiecrats who resented the US Government telling the states that they had to abide by the US Constitution and the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments and treat people equally in public, private, and voting matters which would eventually happen in the mid 1960's with the passage of the federal Civil Rights acts. These Dixiecrats were people like Jesse Helms, George Wallace, Orval Faubus, and Strom Thurmond. Their ancestors in the Reconstruction Period after the US Civil War resented and violently threatened the Northern Republicans who brought rights to the freed slaves in the south between 1868 and 1876 until southerners went states rights and came with the Jim Crow laws and Segregation. The more that the US Civil Rights movement went forward these disillusioned White men sought political direction. George Wallace led a Third Party Movement that brought southern ideas north which explains you. Unfortunately, George Wallace had an assassination attempt in 1968 and was politically non involved after that. However, Richard Nixon and the GOP stole his Southern Strategy Idea and combined this idea with the Evangelical Movement in the late 1970's which I witnessed firsthand in Louisiana as a child. This two movements led to the election of Ronald Reagan and when the GOP realized the prejudice and pursuit of nationalist political purification that the Southern Strategy had brought them they walked a fine line through the Father and Son Bush years. This pursuit of political purification is now the Tea Party which has it's roots in the state's rights Dixiecrats who split from the mainline Democratic Party in 1948. The fact that you proclaim a rural culture to protect and don't want Democrats says a lot about your views on tolerance which is basically "No Tolerance". I've seen the kind of "tolerance" you imply all over Mississippi and Louisiana as a child in the 1970's. It's kind of scary in 2014 to see this still intact.

Christian Camlin 3 years, 9 months ago

Excellent Response and I agree with 90% of what you have to say.But a point of correction is needed here. George Wallace was shot in the Spring of 1972 while campaigning during the Democratic Primary season.Afterwards he was partially paralyzed and never again a part of national politics again.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

I know all about Kansas history. Kansas was home to the Osage, Kaw, Jicarilla Apache, and Caddoan (Wichita, Pawnee, Yscani) peoples before the Shawnee, Delaware, Citizen Band Potawatomi, Kickapoo, Peoria, Piankishaw, Wea, Kaskaskia, Quapaw, Ojibwe, Odawa, Sac and Fox, Ioway, Munsee, Stockbridge, Miami, Prairie Band Potawatomi, Wyandot, and Otoe-Missouria peoples were removed to Kansas between 1825 and 1854, This whole area was settled by White people after the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 which led to the seizure through treaty of 13 and half million acres of land ceded under duress by many of the tribes mentioned above. All of these people came through and settled on Indian lands in the 1850's and by the 1870's pushed more tribes out of this state. Oh yeah, I'm Choctaw and I saw the small town racism firsthand so you're not really catching anyone off guard by defending this culture. Much of your survival skills were used by indigenous peoples first. I've been all over Kansas since the early 1980's. Everything I mentioned above wasn't mentioned in my high school years in Kansas was barely mentioned at Washburn University in the early 1990's. Your culture is so not under attack. It's just a reality I experienced in a small Kansas town that you don't want to hear about.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Yes, Mike, small towns pride themselves on their support of bullying and suicide because... Find me the school where no one is bullied, and I'll find you the Kansas Republican who exists because of George Wallace and Richard Nixon's Southern Strategy.

Kansans are Republicans because the abolitionists won Bleeding Kansas and the free state constitutional contest. No unaffiliated Kansan was sitting around waiting for states' rights Democrats to become Dixiecrats then shed their segregationist tendencies to become Republicans so that they could then choose a party. Kansas politics has always been Kansas Republican politics.

Really, all the way back to the Indians? If you're torn up about that, you're on the wrong continent. In fact, which civilization do you know of in all human history that isn't built over the bones of a conquered people? Don't worry, Mike; some of the bones under my feet belonged to my native ancestors too. What a concept: your original deadly enemy is so much nobler than your last one.

No, Mike, I love hearing how a transplant's anecdotal evidence should determine the morality of school district lines in my state; it's the realest reality I know.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

And, Mike, why are you so intolerant of Republicans?

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

Because Republicans are so intolerant of EVERYONE ELSE and they refuse to admit it even when they're confronted with their intolerance directly.

Secondly you can play the "I don't know" card about history but that's your problem to begin with. When I see stars and bars plates in Kansas I wince. I grew up in 1970's Louisiana. I saw the Klan in person on Easter weekend in 1978 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi as an eight year old. This is Kansas. This isn't Missouri, Tennessee. Kentucky, or Arkansas. Your Republican party has been overran by people who sound straight out of Dixiecrat Territory. In case you missed I'm Choctaw so you're slurring me directly. NICE. Thanks for proving my point. The Abolitionists who resided in Lawrence who were attacked by Missouri Ruffians would roll over in their graves to know that their political party has been overran by people with state's rights mentalities. If you're not capable of understanding this from a historical perspective that isn't my problem. Thanks for reversing questions and not answering them. Always a courageous thing to do.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike you previously admitted you weren't Choctaw because you couldn't meet the blood requirements. Are you now saying you're 50% Choctaw and can prove it?

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike doesn't seem very tolerant of white people or the Indian families that are on the Dawes Rolls in those comments.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike is not very tolerant of anyone who does not agree with him. You should read some of the comments he has made about Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas. He has made disparaging remarks about them just because they, paraphrasing Mike, agree with whites.

He frequently tells me how stupid I am or how racist I am, but when challenged to cite examples he gets quiet.

He has said he is done with me but he can't help responding to my posts. I like Mike but I don't think it is mutual.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Well, we all know Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas are Uncle Toms because Mike is apparently the arbiter of blackness as well as Choctawness.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike isn't very tolerant of people who troll and avoid dealing with why comments are made to them. Mike has ancestors on the Dawes Rolls. thanks for intentionally making comment mistakes for the purpose of trolling.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike my friend, I've never failed to deal with a comment made to me.

What comment mistake did I make? You, yourself admitted you are not part of the Choctaw nation because you can't meet their blood requirements. The Choctaws require 50 percent blood to be considered a Choctaw - are you saying you're at least half Choctaw?

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

There are multiple Choctaw entities from Alabama through Mississippi to Louisiana. In Mississippi you have the MBCI or Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians with 10,000 or so members in close to ten communities with names like Pearl River, Bok Chitto, Oka Homma, Tucker, Standing Pine, and Crystal Ridge. They require Half Blood quantum. You have mixed Choctaw/French and Choctaw/Creole people from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Bayou Lacombe that number two or three thousand. The federal government ignored them in treaties and let them enroll on Dawes only to reject them. However this did leave a paper trail, My people are these people. You have the Mowa Band Of Choctaw Indians who have a 300 acre state recognized reservation near Mt. Vernon Alabama, who number over 5,000 and attend Bacone College in Muscogee, Oklahoma as Indians. You have the Jena Band of Choctaw near Jena, Louisiana, about 40 miles west of where I grew up at in Jonesville, LA in the 1970's. They're federal and they have a quarter or one eighth blood requirement and there are about 300 of them and they opened a casino near Dry Prong, LA this year. You have the state recognized Louisiana Choctaw Tribe in Baton Rouge and the Choctaw Apache Tribe of Louisiana near Zwolle and Toledo Bend Lake. There are Choctaw people amongst the Tunica Biloxi Tribe which is federal. There is the Mt. Tabor Indian Community in Texas which is Choctaw/Creek/Chickasaw/Cherokee from the Mexican Texas days of the 1820's south east of Dallas. Then you have the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma which has lineal descendency and no blood quantum requirements and has over 200,000 members across this country in nearly every state but the original reservation area was eleven counties in southeast Oklahoma. The Choctaw people acknowledge they left people behind. As such I speak my language acknowledge my great great grandmother's people and don't worry about what shukha anumpa haklo li on here. You understand Choctaw right?

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Tolerance is such a funny word nowadays; I'm intolerant because I don't care to legitimize or accommodate the antithesis of my ideology, but you're tolerant for doing exactly that. I do tolerate Democrats, though, I just don't want them to ever win anything. And does EVERYBODY ELSE include the first woman Supreme Court justice, the only black justice on the court now, the only black member of the Senate now, the Indian governor of Louisiana, the first female and Indian governor of South Carolina, and the majority of Hispanic politicians across the US, or are we intolerant of them too?

By Stars and Bars I assume you mean the Southern Cross battle flag which is ubiquitous (not a whole lot of people flying the actual Stars and Bars even in the South). I saw the battle flag hanging from the ceiling of a British pub in Quito, Ecuador, hardly the symbol of implacable racism you seem to ascribe to it in every instance of its use.

Kansas outlawed the Klan in 1925; we weren't waiting around in the '60s for the leftovers of the Dixiecrats. We voted for Dewey in '48 anyway, not Thurmond. The Southern Strategy is at least as tasteful as LBJ's confidence that his Great Society would have blacks (only he didn't say "blacks") voting for Democrats for the next 100 years, so let's not pretend Democrats aren't every bit as caught up on race as they always have been.

And maybe in your eagerness to be offended you missed my reference to my native ancestors (Potawatomi). I'm just not still crying about decades and centuries old grievances that are basically the universal history of the human species. Like I said, is it really better to have other Indians trying to wipe you out instead of white settlers?

The Jayhawkers were a perfect example of people trying to protect the rights of their state. They were fighting battles against a neighboring state to ensure their right to enter the Union on their own terms. If you want to lay "states' rights" at the feet of Kansas Republicans, we'll gladly point to John Brown and the Wyandotte Constitution.

It's about as courageous as accusing me of not answering questions when you never asked any.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

William Allen White had to run as a Third Party Candidate to embarrass the State of Kansas in the early 1920's out of supporting the Klan. It's not like the State of Kansas voluntarily gave up this support. I can go through ANOTHER SMALL TOWN, Dearing, Kansas and see some old racist operating an antique shop on their main street with a racist anti Obama statue in front of his store and remember the strength of the Klan in southeast Kansas in the 1920's that I read about. LBJ also admitted that the Democrats would lose the South for a generation or more and he was right. The way the GOP acts now I'm glad the zealots went elsewhere. You fail to acknowledge the political ancestry I pointed out so I guess ignoring is an option. Furthermore all of the accomplishments you stated for minority recruitment in the GOP ignored one major issue. These people especially Clarence Thomas, routinely jerk over minorities in legal cases (Native cases) in the SCOTUS. These people you refer to had to adopt a majority view to get elected and throw justice under the bus. What an accomplishment. One gets elected and jerks everyone else around. No wonder the GOP has such low minority voter recruitment numbers. Native history lesson. After 1750 the many bands of Potawatomi in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin, were battling Europeans or fighting wars along side them against other European powers. No other tribes bothered the Potawatomi once they were out here whether it was the Mission Band peoples who came in 1831 against their will to Kansas or the Prairie Band who came to Kansas in 1846. from Illinois and Iowa. Get your history right. It bothers me that some people refuse to acknowledge what goes on right in front of them.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Here, let me sum it up for anybody who doesn't want to read that whole thing.

"History is what I say it is and means what I interpret it to mean." "Uncle Toms are the only minority members of the Republican Party." "The Indian tribe I claim to be a member of is better (read less friendly to white people) than the tribe you're descended from."

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Very nice summary and you even used paragraphs and proper punctuation.

Adam O'Trimble 3 years, 9 months ago

Thank you. Mike doesn't leave a lot of space to read between the lines, but I think those were the major points he was trying to make in his own subtle way. They seem to be the major points of everything he writes.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

Maybe if you read more you'd learn something instead of making flippant comments. The GOP is the party of political litmus tests for it's members whether it's Grover Nordquist or the NRA or the Americans for Prosperity which means these politicians have no freedom to act as politicians unless they're in line with FOXNEWS, Grover Nordquist, or the Kochs. All the GOP politicians have to do is repeat the lines they're programmed to say by their handlers which is pretty much all of the anti Obama Zombie lie shutdown the government nonsense we've tolerated over the last couple of years. I'll bring up someone you didn't mention.....US GOP Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma whose the only tribal member in the US Congress or Senate whose Chickasaw. Due to your political party and another dixiecrat/tea party state, Oklahoma, Mr. Cole has to go against the ACA while giving credit to the Obama Administration on it's policies in Indian Country and being against Indian Mascots used by Non Indians. If the GOP allowed Mr. Cole to be who he is there wouldn't be the political schizophrenia going on but that speaks to the disconnect of the GOP, So yeah you're right....your political party expects it's minority members to be Uncle Toms and not offend those people in the Deep South who still want people to know their place. I know this because I lived there and still visited there until a couple of years ago. I don't worry about the Choctaw comments you make because you don't know that history or what you're talking about with that. To go back to the original subject it's my hope that suburbia makes people finally behave and act civil. I wouldn't want anyone else to receive the hospitality I did.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

You do realize that calling a black man an Uncle Tom is a disparaging racial comment akin to using the N word don't you?

And to suggest Clarence Thomas is one is to diminish his accomplishments and to insult his intelligence.

If you want tolerance then demonstrate it.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

You are so slow to not realize he's the bigot and the denier of his own background. Rush Limbaugh uses the same fact avoiding reversal ploy you use. He's not right either. I listened to Anita Hill 23 years ago and the other day. She doesn't think he's right either. Stop trolling.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Only in your intolerant world is offering a different opinion considered trolling. Too funny.

Give me an example of when Thomas acted in a bigoted manner or denied his background.

Watch a Mike get quiet now.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

actually Mike's been at work. What does a troll do during the day?

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Insults but nothing to back up your claim that Thomas is a bigot.

You always resort to name calling when you are called out don't you.

It would be so easy to respond back to you with an insult but I just can't stoop that low.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike I realize you're not playing dumb. You make statements but can't back them up. You resort to name calling because you can't show where Thomas is a bigot. You accuse him of bigotry but you call him a racist name.

I follow the SCOTUS closely and agree with Thomas.

I respond to you without name calling. I use proper grammar and punctuation. But hey, call me a troll if you like because apparently it is all you've got.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

No you ignore the obvious to further your pointless points and if you agree with Thomas YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You should hear the testimony of the victims of rulings that this silent and obedient justice was complicit in and crawl out from under your stone of denial to see how many decades or centuries minorities fought only to have this obedient justice suck up to his cronies and deny them the justice they've sought.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike, cite one ruling that supports what you've stated so I can review it. It might provide some insight into what you see. I have an open mind and will review it with no preconceived bias.

Looking forward to the case you choose.


Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

I can cite four cases......1. Carceiri V. Salazar, ......2. ICWA involving Baby Veronica.....3. City of Sherrill V. Oneida Indian Nation.....4. Wagnon V. Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

Thomas wrote the comment on all of these cases and got them all wrong. He stated that the it was the Narragansett tribe's fault that they weren't federally recognized in 1934 and as such they were not entitled to the Dept. of the Interior using Article 5 of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 to put land in trust for the Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island. Never mind that the Narragansett Tribe was under the paternalist overseeing of the State of Rhode Island from the 1700's on and that the State of Rhode Island violated the Indian Non Intercourse Act of 1790 selling of the Narragansett Tribe's land in 1880 without an act of the US Congress as required with the plenary power of the US Congress over Indian Affairs as prescribed in the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. This overt act by the state led to a land claim settlement act where the US Government and the Narragansett Tribe forced the State of Rhode Island to offer 1800 acres of land, albeit under state jurisdiction to settle a land claim lawsuit between 1979 and 1983. This ruling by the wingers affected all of Indian country and the US Senate has proposed a fix to the Carcieri ruling that the wingers are stymying for their own state's rights gain.

  1. Baby Veronica. The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 was established to curtail the underground adoption market for Native Children that separated them from their culture. Baby Veronica's father, an enrolled CNO member, had a child, Veronica, with a young woman who put this child up for adoption while this Cherokee young man was on duty in the military. He gets back from deployment and tries to regain the custody of his daughter from a couple in South Carolina. White people made a big deal about the 3/256 blood quantum because they are ignorant of the fact that they created the blood quantum issue to begin with as a way of furthering genocide by paper. The CNO has a lineal descendancy policy since their 1976 Cherokee Constitution. All a Cherokee citizen needs is an ancestor with a roll number on the 1906 Cherokee Dawes Roll. All federal tribes derive the power unless they're abrogating a treaty with the US to determine their tribal membership requirements from the Martinez V. Santa Clara ruling of 1978. This Cherokee child should've stayed with her father if not her Cherokee relatives as established in the 1978 ICWA law. Clarence Thomas screwed this all up for the benefit of states rights. He ignores legal precedent to inject state's rights. An Absentee Shawnee child a couple of months later was returned to her people in Oklahoma when the same adoption agency in South Carolina from the Veronica case trolled for the child also.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

  1. City of Sherill V Oneida Indian Nation. In this case a number of resident New York State tribes and former New York State tribes in Ontario, Canada, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma, sought to have land returned to trust status as the defendant state, New York, had violated the Indian Non Intercourse Act of 1790 many times over between 1792 and 1838, treatying directly with these tribes without an act of the US Congress in reference to the law cited above. Tribes included Oneidas in New York and Ontario, Canada, Stockbridges and Munsees in Wisconsin, and Seneca-Cayugas in Oklahoma. New York State and the other twelve colonies had immunity from lawsuit for violating the Indian Non Intercourse Act of 1790 from the 1790's to the early 1970's until tribes like ones mentioned above and the Passamaquoddy and others in Maine, the Mashantucket Pequot in Connecticut and the Catawba in South Carolina sued for land claims due lands lost through violation of the Intercourse law cited above and got land claim settlements involving the return of tribal lands without tribal sovereignty on said lands for the Maine tribes and the Catawba in South Carolina. Clarence Thomas and his state's rights ignore the precedent justices ignored the precedent set by the Indian Non Intercourse Act of 1790, the brushing aside of justice having to wait 170 years for the right to sue for land claim damages and ruled arbitrarily against the Oneida Nation and others saying they'd waited too long to sue when the piercing of the state's sovereign immunity didn't occur until the 1970's. a clerk for William Rehnquist named John Roberts, had represented the State of Alaska in the Venetie case of 1989 and wrongly told the judges that made this 8-1 miscarriage of justice vote that the land claim status in the lower 48 was the same as Alaska WHICH IT IS NOT. The Tee Hee Ton case of 1955 took away aboriginal title of lands from Alaska Native villages which upon seeing the err of their ways the Alaska Native Settlement Claims Act of 1972 was enacted creating five boroughs of Alaska Native stockholders who receive dividends from the resources harvested in their boroughs and sold on the open market. Mr. Roberts told the other justices about this and they made an errant decision

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

  1. Wagnon V. Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation of Kansas. The State of Kansas through your sellout buddy Thomas and his flippant buddy justice Antonin Scalia ignored a lower federal court ruling on gas taxation and the sale of gas to non Indians and let the State of Kansas impose their taxation will on tribal lands here in Kansas. They acted flippant and dismissive in court towards David Praeger, PBPN attorney and then PBPN Chairman Jeremy Pahmahmie. The went totally state's rights on these two men and I heard this and read about this from Mr. Praeger himself. I remember being at a Law Symposium at OU in Norman and bringing this up a number of years ago. One ruling affects all of Indian Country and your state's rights lackey and sellout Clarence Thomas knows this. He knows what he's done to Indian Country is wrong and he doesn't have the courage to face and talk to his opponents in public. I called out John Roberts with a LTE in the UDK when he came to Lied Center a number of years ago citing much of what I cited above. I also suggest you read "Like a Loaded Weapon, The History of Racism and the Rehnquist Court", By Lumbee Indian Law Professor Robert Wilkins whose been at U of Arizona. All of your wingnut lackees on the SCOTUS are devotees of Rehnquist and he was once quoted as saying that Indian cases are s!!t cases. NICE.
  2. Wagnon V. Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation of Kansas. The State of Kansas through your sellout buddy Thomas and his flippant buddy justice Antonin Scalia ignored a lower federal court ruling on gas taxation and the sale of gas to non Indians and let the State of Kansas impose their taxation will on tribal lands here in Kansas. They acted flippant and dismissive in court towards David Praeger, PBPN attorney and then PBPN Chairman Jeremy Pahmahmie. The went totally state's rights on these two men and I heard this and read about this from Mr. Praeger himself. I remember being at a Law Symposium at OU in Norman and bringing this up a number of years ago. One ruling affects all of Indian Country and your state's rights lackey and sellout Clarence Thomas knows this. He knows what he's done to Indian Country is wrong and he doesn't have the courage to face and talk to his opponents in public. I called out John Roberts with a LTE in the UDK when he came to Lied Center a number of years ago citing much of what I cited above. I also suggest you read "Like a Loaded Weapon, The History of Racism and the Rehnquist Court", By Lumbee Indian Law Professor Robert Wilkins whose been at U of Arizona. All of your wingnut lackees on the SCOTUS are devotees of Rehnquist and he was once quoted as saying that Indian cases are s!!t cases. NICE.

Richard Heckler 3 years, 9 months ago

If these students attend the Perry-LeCompton schools state tax dollars will go to Perry - LeCompton school district. What's wrong with that?

The residential home building industry and bankers should pay closer attention instead of assuming they can steam roll over the taxpayers and elected officials.

Are we talking extortion? Is it time to call in the FBI?

I will vote no on a new school for the local special interests.

Richard Heckler 3 years, 9 months ago

About public schools …

We must ask ourselves why in the hell does corporate America want to own government programs that they spend so much time and money convincing we taxpayers our great programs are evil and do not work?

Privatization is another word repub RINO's use out of context in an effort to present the illusion that public schools would act like a private business = without our tax dollars.

What private industry sees in privatization of public schools is a huge margin of profit and guaranteed profit. Floods of tax dollars going to the bank accounts of private industry is a no brainer for private industry.

Who performs fraud day and day out? BIG private industry.

Privatization does not represent a better education or efficient use of tax dollars. As I see it privatization of public schools represent:

  1. Over paid CEO's and staff
  2. Golden Parachutes
  3. Shareholders
  4. special interest campaign contributions
  5. potential fraud

In essence reckless use of tax dollars.

Recently we learned that privately run, charter schools failed to outperform public schools despite their being, private.

Ned Wolfsosoon 3 years, 9 months ago

When will the apartment developing cease? There aren't enough people moving here to justify it.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 3 years, 9 months ago

And according to the almighty capitalism this means that rent should drop, but it hasn't. Why isn't supply and demand working here? Do the "job creators" get even more tax deductions for empty apartments? As it is, you have to fill out all kinds of forms to even be considered. Kids who have no credit rating yet, have a hard time getting into an apartment, at least one in a livable apartment, and not Redbud where they are afraid to take out their trash.

Richard Heckler 3 years, 9 months ago

Ned Wolfsosoon 7 hours, 55 minutes ago got it right.

There must be tax advantages for developers/real estate white collars and commissioners flooding our local markets. However it sucks for taxpayers.

Tighter markets are far more stable and can withstand congress and Wall Street Banks screwing up our economies to a greater extent.

Richard Heckler 3 years, 9 months ago

We need a plan that realizes the largest majority of stake holders not the local 1%.

The largest segment of stakeholders in Lawrence,Kansas by far and away are the individual homeowners of Lawrence,Kansas.

We need a plan that realizes the more the city expands outward the more all sorts of taxes and crime and air pollution will be increased.

We also need a vision that realizes that the Lawrence,Kansas quality of life is being threatened by the increased crime rate which is directly connected to unchecked and irresponsible growth. More cops and an expanded LPD budget cannot and will not stop crime growth.

Reckless Growth Increases Taxes, Air Pollution and Drains Our Wallets

Sprawl Cost Us All

Most demographic and market indicators suggest that growth and development across the country are moving away from the suburban and exurban fringe and toward downtown.

Local Corporate Welfare - David Cay Johnson – What exactly is TIF?

America is Over Stored

Arts and Economic Prosperity

Next Decade Has Bleak Growth Prospects

Richard Heckler 3 years, 9 months ago

We taxpayers might want to remain focused on the upgrading of our current stock of schools before taking on more debt to satisfy the out of control housing industry.

Wasn't it the housing industry and the financial industry that put the USA economy and the world wide economy into disaster?

How many want a repeat of such reckless notions?

Let's take care of our existing supply of schools first.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 9 months ago

EDUCATION: Total Number of Students in Public Schools by Race/Ethnicity Rankings 2010-2011 Hispanic 899 Non-Hispanic White 10,939 Non-Hispanic Black 1,124 866 Non-Hispanic American Indian 523 Non-Hispanic Asian/Pac. Islander 515 Non-Hispanic Multi-Racial 711

I am putting these number out here as verifiable facts. You can make of it what you will. Without the KU students we would not be a diverse community. Also, I have this question, what about the antipathy between "gown and town"? Is it real or a myth? Have you heard any negative comments about the students returning?

What does all this say about the possible racial and religious makeup of the Perry-Lecompton school district after the new apartments are built? Who is going to be living there? I would assume people with a fair amount of money, but as to race and faith, could we make assumptions about that?

Would you, do you, encourage and support your child in having friends of different race, economic or faith background? Would you support having a discussion period in a class where these things can be openly discussed as appropriate to the subject of the class?

Just questions I am asking because I am curious about everything and everyone. And, because I believe the more questions you can come up with, the more answers you will find.


Carol Bowen 3 years, 9 months ago

Just a note. Each entity does its own planning - schools, city/county, KU. As I recall, USD 497 planned the location of Free State high school. The city was expected to get services out there.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike, the thread really has gotten narrow so I will reply here. I will take a look at the cases you cited.


Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

Mike I read the Wagnon case and while I tend to agree with Ginsburg, I do no see any racial bigotry in the ruling.

The court ruled in favor of Wagnon by 7-2. I think it is unfair to suggest that Thomas is racially bigoted based on this decision.

People can rule against people and other groups for reasons other than bigotry.

Mike Ford 3 years, 9 months ago

I'm don't care about your opinion on these cases. I was trying to open your eyes to the issues you're oblivious to. I read enough law reviews that I see issues empirically and historically without arbitrarily defending a justice that many people share my view about when it comes to minorities.

Brock Masters 3 years, 9 months ago

I feel sorry that you have such hate in your heart that you can't have a discussion about an issue without rage, without animosity and without lashing out against someone who responded in a polite and respect way.

I tried to have a respectful dialogue with you because I do want to see someone else's perspective on issues. This is why I too the time to read the cases you cited. Read them with an open mind.

I responded in a polite manner and you return it with hate.

I am sorry life has made you bitter but I will not respond to you any more.

Richard Heckler 3 years, 8 months ago

If the banking and home building industries want educational facilities they should provide the millions upon millions of dollars required to not only construct but also to fund payrolls and operations for the next 20 years. These industries know taxpayer funded amenities make their projects worth a ton more money while increasing the local cost of living.

And please no more preferential tax privileges. Corporate welfare encourages reckless endeavors.

Reckless Growth, developers, nonsense tax incentives increase taxes,increase air pollution,increase crime rates and drains our wallets.

Sprawl Cost Us All

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