25 years ago: Traffic lights at 31st and Iowa to be adjusted for safety, efficiency

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for August 8, 1989:

The Lawrence Traffic Safety Commission agreed this week with a recommendation by the Kansas Department of Transportation, which said that traffic lights at 31st and Iowa needed to be adjusted to increase safety at that intersection. The TSC accepted the KDOT recommendation to alter the left-turn signal on Iowa at 31st to allow turns only on a “protected” green arrow light. The TSC also accepted a recommendation to change the length of the cycle on the signal lights to 60 seconds to increase traffic efficiency. In other action, the TSC this week recommended stop signs on Jasu, Missouri, and Arkansas streets at their 25th Street intersections, removal of parking on part of the west side of Maine near 19th Street, and changing New Hampshire Street from one-way to two-way traffic between South Park and 12th Street.