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5 natural remedies for treating your allergies

April 22, 2014


Here are five natural remedies for treating allergies, according to Mehdi Khosh, doctor at Natural Medical Care in Lawrence:

  1. Take plant extracts and vitamins that can act as natural antihistamines. These include caper, olive, black currant, ginseng, nettles, bromelain and vitamin C.
  2. Know your food allergies. "If someone is allergic to dairy, they produce more mucus. If they go out and breathe pollen, they will produce more mucus and get way more congested," Khosh said. "But if they avoid dairy products, maybe they can tolerate a little bit of mucus from the pollen"
  3. Eat lots of colorful fruits and dark vegetables. These contain quercetin, a flavonoid that is said to act as a natural antihistamine.
  4. Acupuncture. Acupuncture advocates say it balances certain energies in the body, improving overall health.
  5. Rest. The proper amount of good sleep boosts the immune system, making it better equipped to take on allergens.


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