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House panel debates bill to sell office buildings

April 3, 2014


— The Kansas House Appropriations Committee is expected to vote Friday on a bill that would authorize sale of four Topeka state government buildings and possibly result in the demolition of the Docking high-rise across the street from the statehouse.

The committee heard debate Wednesday on the Senate-passed bill, which would place on the market the state-owned Eisenhower and Landon Buildings. Two other structures — the Curtis and Van Buren buildings — aren't owned by the government, but the state has contract options to buy both, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported.

Jim Clark, secretary of the Kansas Department of Administration, said the Curtis and Van Buren buildings could be acquired and disposed of, along with the two state-owned buildings.

"No decision has been made to sell any of the buildings," Clark said. "The department will consider the sale and lease back of each building individually as well as selling the entire portfolio to one investor."

The buildings house hundreds of state employees, most of whom would be relocated because leasing is less expensive than owning and can help slash overall expenses, Clark said.

Clark has proposed razing the Docking building because developers told the state they didn't see renovation as a profitable option. Proposals for tearing down and renovating the 57-year-old structure have been discussed at the Capitol for more than a decade, he said.

Under the measure, state or local officials and their families would be prohibited from financially benefiting from the sale of any of the buildings.

Mel Borst, co-chairman of the Kansas Preservation Alliance's endangered properties committee, urged the committee to delay action on Docking until the possibility of placing it on the state and national historic registers can be explored.

"The Docking building may be one of the finest examples of groundbreaking modern office high-rise architecture and construction in the Midwest," Borst said. "This is a special building."

Appropriations Committee chairman Rep. Gene Suellentrop, a Wichita Republican, postponed a vote on the bill until Friday because of opposition raised by Democrats on the committee.

"I know there is an emotional attachment to the facility by some," he said.


Richard Heckler 3 years, 10 months ago

This is reckless behavior beyond reality by a dysfunctional facist legislature and driven by:

Koch/Waltons/Alec/ Aegis Strategic/Third Way/Tea Party are working against
blue and white collar workers of America, small business and democracy.

The USA and Kansas does not need Koch/Waltons/Alec/ Aegis Strategic/Third Way and their politicians who want to takeover the USA government.

Their targets are:

Owning public Education

Owning Medicare Insurance

Owning Medicaid Insurance

Owning Social Security Insurance

Killing the USA wage scale union or not

Owning the New World Order Global Economy

All financed with OUR TAX DOLLARS = no risk and profits guaranteed

Richard Heckler 3 years, 10 months ago

Koch/Walton’s/ALEC One Party Agenda is posing as the republican party which is fraudulent representation of the GOP as in Kansas.

Rather than serve the public interest, ALEC champions the agenda of corporations which are willing to pay for access to legislators and the opportunity to write their very own legislation.

It helps surrogates and lobbyists for corporations to draft and promote state bills which:

  • wages war on women

• gut environmental laws

• create a regressive tax system

• eliminate workers’ rights = lower wages

• undermine universal and affordable health care

• privatize public education

• chip away at voting rights.

United States of ALEC

Richard Heckler 3 years, 10 months ago

People in high places sitting in big Kansas government positions have friends who want these buildings to house their one party BIG GOVERNMENT offices.

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