40 years ago: Premium gasoline nearing 60 cents a gallon

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 2, 1974:

  • According to today’s front page, gasoline prices were fluctuating in Lawrence, but overall they were going up. Careful shoppers could pump their own gas for as little as 44.3 cents a gallon for regular and 47.6 cents for premium, or have it pumped by an attendant for between 47.9 and 51.9 cents. The price of premium gasoline had not yet broken the 60-cent mark, but it was coming close at three of 15 stations surveyed by the Journal-World today.
  • Expansion of the learning disabilities staff and the establishment of two self-contained classrooms were among the primary considerations for a program for emotionally disturbed students in the Lawrence school district. The considerations had been discussed at the Board of Education’s bimonthly meeting this week, but no recommendations had been made and no action taken. School psychologist Harley Stock told board members the special services staff was visiting other school districts and talking with State Department of Education officials about various programs.