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100 years ago: KU heating repairs neglected, students already shivering

September 29, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 29, 1913:

  • "Because of the failure to make needed repairs at the heating plant at the University a number of class rooms have been found to be uninhabitable on the cooler mornings and professors have been obliged to dismiss their classes. This condition is said to have been brought about by the failure of the Board of Administration to grant the annual requisition for repairs at the heating plant. This requisition was made last spring, it is said, at just about the time the old board of regents went out of power and the Board of Administration came into power. The Board evidently overlooked the matter at that time. But this fall the students found themselves in chilly rooms, without any semblance of heat."
  • "A motion picture machine in a church will be the innovation which will greet the members of the First Christian church of this city tomorrow evening. A machine has been installed in the church and the first lesson picture reel will be shown tomorrow evening following the sermon.... The movie machine is to be a permanent fixture in the church and is to be used every Sunday. In the morning it is planned to show pictures illustrating the lesson of the Sunday. In the evening pictures illustrating the sermon topics will be shown and a number of educational reels will be shown during the year.... 'I think that the church has to adopt new methods to keep up with the change in time,' said Rev. McFarland this morning. 'The motion picture machine has become an instrument for the educational and spiritual uplift of the community. I have studied this problem for a number of years and feel that the church should use the motion pictures as a means of calling attention to the higher things of life.'"
  • "Prof. L. L. Dyche, State Fish and Game Warden accused of neglect of his office and other offenses, one of which seems to be holding office under the Democratic Administration, has issued a statement in which he denies the charges made against him and tells of the work that he has done while in office. Prof. Dyche says that the charges have been trumped up to oust him from office, that they are groundless and untruthful.
  • "Because a hunting license will no longer permit the holder to shoot quail in Kansas, the number issued this season in Douglas county has been smaller than during previous years, according to County Clerk Herman Broeker. Only fifty licenses have been issued since the opening of the present season. 'While we have no records of the number issued last year, I am sure it was considerably larger than this year,' said Mr. Broeker. The new law which prohibits the shooting of quail in Kansas during the next five years went into effect this season."


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