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100 years ago: Arson suspected in restaurant fire

September 25, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 25, 1913:

  • "Fire of incendiary origin did damage to the extent of $225 to the building and contents of a restaurant at 265 Locust street and operated by Shirley Johnson, last midnight. No one was in the building when two sections of the fire department arrived, but the pile of material where the blaze had started showed plainly the cause of the blaze.... 'A number of pine boards had been stood on end at the bottom of the lower flight of stairs,' said Chief W. F. Reinisch this morning. 'While lighter material that had been used to start the blaze had disappeared, when we arrived the position of the boards showed that they had been placed with a view to allow the fire to run up the stairs, thus setting fire to both floors almost simultaneously.' Chief Reinisch stated today that he had notified the fire marshal of the circumstances connected with the fire. It is probable that prosecutions will follow, although no one has been named as yet."
  • "Two boys, 11 and 13 years old, giving their names as Henry and John McCullough and their address as North Lawrence, were found in Oskaloosa today in possession of the pony and harness stolen from C. W. Carman Saturday night. The buggy that was stolen with the pony and harness had been replaced by one appropriated near Oskaloosa. Sheriff Cummings went after the stolen property this afternoon, but the culprits will be held to answer charges of stealing in Jefferson county before they will be returned.... Authorities here say that they have no record of boys filling the description given, being residents of Lawrence and believe the story told by the youths to be a fake."
  • "Following a complaint over the telephone that a 'crazy man' was at large in North Lawrence at 9:30 this morning, officers arrested Carl Stow, 41, as a vagrant. It is alleged that Stow had been making himself a nuisance by begging for meals at houses. Some complained that if not fed to his taste or if refused, he would become angry and make threats. Stow was sent out of town on the first train after he was taken up."
  • "T. J. Lamb was taken into custody this morning charged with insanity. Three bottles which had contained whiskey and drugs were found on his person when he was taken up. He will be brought before the probate court tomorrow."


workinghard 4 years ago

"officers arrested Carl Stow, 41 as a vagrant.....Stow was sent out of town on the first train after he was taken up." Had to chuckle at that one. Can you imagine what would happen nowadays if they tried that?

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