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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs to transfer

KU defensive tackle Marquel Combs runs through a pass-rush drill during preseason practice.

KU defensive tackle Marquel Combs runs through a pass-rush drill during preseason practice.

September 23, 2013


Kansas University junior defensive lineman Marquel Combs has asked for and been granted a release to transfer to schools outside of the Big 12, KU coach Charlie Weis announced Monday.

“Marquel was a great factor in our recruitment of last year’s signing class,” Weis said. “We would like to wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Combs, a native of Memphis, Tenn., came to Kansas from Pierce College. He did not see any game action during his time at KU.

“I appreciate the Jayhawk community, as well as my teammates and the staff, for all of the support I have received during my time with the program," Combs said. "It has been an incredible opportunity and I wish them the best of luck the rest of this season and in the future.”

Combs was part of the offseason excitement as the Jayhawks piled up juco transfers. The top signing in KU's class, Combs was the No. 1 junior-college recruit in the class of 2013 according to


Brian Conrad 4 years ago

we get a huge article about Mack Brown and Texas and zero details about #1 recruit ??? explain how another school will take him and we send him on his way? know he was released IF he would not play for another Big 12 team... so he is bad enough guy KU does not want him around , but rest of Big 12 wants him??? explain please..

Robert Rauktis 4 years ago

Is the lack of capitalization fashionable?

stevieboy 4 years ago

Kevin Keitzman of 810 radio is correct, something fishy about the way Weis is coaching this team..Lot of smoke and mirrors..

cabmando 4 years ago

do you honestly think if this individual was as advertised he wouldn't be suiting up and playing on Saturdays? He was the problem not the program.

DocPossum 4 years ago

Perhaps Keitzman should be reporting on conditions at the local fishing spots if he knows so much.

rtwngr 4 years ago

I trust Weis' coaching abilities over Keitzman's opinion. If Combs were a producer then he would be playing. Period. This is a results oriented endeavor. KU could find 100 coaches that are nice guys and will try hard, for a lot less money. Turner Gill tried hard. KU is paying Weis for results. If Combs wants to walk, that's Combs problem. The sooner people that have never coached for a winning organization shut up, the better off this program will be.

ComeOnMannnnnnn 4 years ago

There is nothing fishy about the coaching. When your team is struggling with personnel issues you sometimes take chances on Juco kids. We took some chances and some worked out and some didn't. This isn't a personal issue for Coach W. He wanted the kid to be great more than anyone. He sold us all on the kid. He probably gave him more of a chance to get that spot than the kid earned. In CW credit he was willing to step back and reevaluate his progress. It was special what CW did last week. Most coaches aren't willing to bench big names and give other guys a shot. Red Shirting Combs said 2 things. 1 CW was wrong about his talent. He could have shoved him in there and made excuses so he didn't look bad but he didn't. 2. By redshirting him it says that he is still willing to work with the kid. He could have kept him active roster and not played him to get him to transfer or be out of here a year earlier. The fact that the kid doesn't want to put in the work tells the whole story. If you are not familiar with Juco football it is not odd for some of these big names to not even practice and still get to play. Juco coaches want to win so they don't have to be Juco coaches. Also, anyone who listens to the trash that Keitzman spits needs to change that dial. I love 810 but that guy is very hard to listen to.

UPNYA 4 years ago

I like my jayhawks. But come on Charlie. You inherent a 'pile of crap'. Now you recruiting a pile of crap. If you can't play here, where can you play? Right Charlie. Just keep showing the boosters and supporters your Super Bowl rings and everything will be ok........

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