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100 years ago: Betting on horse races? Not at Douglas County Fair

September 21, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 21, 1913:

  • "There must be no betting on the horse races at the Douglas County Fair this year. County Attorney J. S. Amick made this statement this morning, adding that if any such cases were called to his attention he would issue warrants and prosecute the offenders. Sheriff W. J. Cummings added that the sheriff's office could be relied upon to do its part to enforce the state's anti-betting law. He said that a number of deputies would be named to see to it that the sports who have money to put up on races are deprived of their fun this year. There has been considerable complaint made of betting in the past and it is to be hoped that this will not be tolerated again this year. It would injure the fair and it is to be hoped that officials see that it is stopped."
  • "A state-wide motor-cycle constabulary with a resident of each community acting as a lieutenant is the idea of P. E. Zimmerman of Lindsborg, Kansas. Mr. Zimmerman was in Lawrence today on business. His idea had already been approved by the Kansas Bankers' Association and is now being considered by the governor.... Mr. Zimmerman has great faith in his plan. 'I am confident that the plan will ultimately come into use,' he said today. 'It can't help but be a good thing to catch criminals who make their escape overland. If we had all the cyclists organized with one man in each community acting as a lieutenant, a call from an officer that a criminal was escaping would bring out the members and the whole country could be scoured quickly and efficient.' Mr. Zimmerman is also secretary of the Short Grass Motorcycle Club which had been given wide publicity because of its size and activity. The club has over one hundred members and each year takes a trip to Colorado overland."
  • "The first installment of student janitors at the University of Kansas have gone on the job. Superintendent Crocker has acted under the orders of the Board of Administration and has released a number of the old janitors. In their places students have been named by the board. Mr. Crocker has assigned the students to work in Marvin Hall, Snow Hall, Haworth Hall and the Chemistry building. These boys work two hours a day each and receive for their services $10 per month each.... In dismissing the regular janitors Supt. Crocker selected those who own their homes or who have other sources of income. A part of the janitor force will be retained for a while but it is the hope of the board to finally have all the work done by students. This will mean the discharging of the entire janitor force on the hill. There has been much opposition aroused to this plan of the board. Supt. Crocker disapproves of it and has tendered his resignation to the board, but no action has been taken on it as yet."
  • "A half holiday for the kids is to be granted all children attending the city schools, according to a statement made today by F. P. Smith, city superintendent of schools. 'The holiday will be granted in order to give the children a chance to see the fair,' said Mr. Smith.... There is some dissension as to which day the holiday shall be granted. The fair people want it to be on Tuesday, Lawrence day, while the school authorities claim that a holiday then would break into the work of the week, while one on Friday afternoon would not."


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