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25 years ago: KU student balances jobs, classes

September 19, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 19, 1988:

  • An article today described some of the hardships faced by students working their way through school. Kansas University student Heather Breen, a junior from Salina, explained how she had financed her first two years with a paying job, sometimes working full time but still shouldering a 15-credit class load. "I had built up enough endurance so I could work 40 to 50 hours and take 15 hours.... but my GPA went down and I couldn't qualify for a student loan in the fall," Breen said, adding that she had then spent the summer working days at Alvamar and nights at the Village Inn to earn enough money for her junior year. After appealing her loan disqualification, Breen learned later this summer that she was to receive a Guaranteed Student Loan for $1,250 and an outright grant of $775, allowing her to free up more of her schedule for studying and also letting her use more of her income for ordinary expenses, such as groceries. "For a while I couldn't afford to buy any food," she said, recalling her sophomore year. "One time I remember I had to live off potatoes and bread until I got my next paycheck because they were the cheapest things at the store."
  • A chorus of sympathetic groans had echoed across the television-watching nations as Olympic gold medal contender Greg Louganis struck his head on the board during a dive. However, the world-class diver proved just half an hour later that he could keep going, as with four stitches in his head he performed the day's best dive at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. "His first dive after the accident was the best dive I've seen him do in practice or competition since the Olympic team was formed four weeks ago," said Vince Panzano, one of the U.S. diving coaches.


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