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40 years ago: Funding to be major hurdle in Clinton Parkway construction, officials say

September 14, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 14, 1973:

  • In spite of environmental objections recently received about the proposed Clinton Parkway, the major roadblock for the project was probably gong to be funding. This opinion came from the offices of Gov. Robert Docking, Senators James Pearson and Bob Dole, and Rep. Larry Winn. Jim Shaffer, assistant to Gov. Docking, responded to a query about the project by saying, "Essentially it is caught in the same federal red tape all other road projects are caught in and there is nothing the governor can do but what he has been doing, lobby to move things along faster." He added that part of the parkway would not be eligible for funding at all under the new federal highway act, which stipulated that secondary road funds could only be used for rural roads.
  • Charles William Lawrence, 37, had been admitted to Lawrence Memorial Hospital today after an industrial accident at Lawrence Lumber Company. Initial reports indicated that Lawrence had suffered a foot injury.
  • In Washington, an inflation-fighting measure proposed by President Nixon's advisers was being greeted with a hail of protest from Congress. Melvin R. Laird, Nixon's main domestic aide, had attributed to the Federal Reserve chairman the suggestion of increasing income taxes temporarily and returning the extra funds to taxpayers later.


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