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100 years ago: Policeman’s wife confronts burglars with husband’s revolver

September 14, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 14, 1913:

  • "When Mrs. S. H. Heflin, 1537 Rhode Island street, wife of policeman Sam Heflin, saw burglars attempting to enter the home of E. L. Charlton on Saturday night she hastily secured her husband's 38-calibre revolver and started in to aid the city police force. Just then the lights were turned on in the Charlton home and the two men fled from the window at which they were attempting to enter. But Mrs. Heflin arrived with her gun in time to take a couple of shots at the fleeing pair. Neither of the men were hit by bullets but they served to increase their speed according to Mrs. Heflin's story. There has been a wave of house breaking in this section of the city of late, but it is very doubtful if any of the thieves will make further efforts in the neighborhood of Officer Heflin and his police-like wife."
  • "'Lawrence is just about the easiest town I ever saw.' This is the rather unusual compliment that James Henderson, alias Roy Adams, has to pay the city which he 'worked' so cleverly last spring. 'Roy,' he is much better known by that name here than by his proper monicker, arrived in Lawrence yesterday afternoon, this time as a prisoner in charge of Sheriff Cummings and not with a bogus bank book and an inclination to make some easy money in this town. He is now spending his time at the county jail.... Sheriff Cummings returned yesterday afternoon with his man who was captured in Preston, Idaho, a week ago last Saturday. It was the end of a search which began the morning after it was learned that Lawrence had been so cleverly worked by the young check artist.... Adams, or rather Henderson, offered no resistance saying to the sheriff that he was glad to come back here and get the matter settled. Further than saying that Lawrence was an easy town and declaring himself foolish for getting into such straits Henderson had little to say about the affair. He admitted to the sheriff that he was guilty of the offenses charged against him."


Ron Holzwarth 4 years, 8 months ago

Wow, a 38-calibre revolver. Little woman, big gun, huh?

That reminds me of a comment my brother made after our interesting adventure of being pulled over in Aurora, Colorado with a friend of his. There's nothing like being pulled over for speeding with the back of the pickup cab full up with empty beer cans, and our friend had his loaded .357 Magnum under the front seat. We were informed that it's against the law in Aurora to have a loaded gun in a moving vehicle. So, the cop called for backup right away, and we all had to put our hands against the pickup and be frisked.

Amazingly, my brother got away with only a $10 fine.

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