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25 years ago: Post no bills: City to crack down on garage-sale signs

September 7, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 7, 1988:

Advertisers of garage sales, concerts, and drink specials had cause to be wary this week. After receiving numerous complaints, Lawrence police were soon to begin cracking down on anyone posting ads on local utility poles. Police spokesman Chris Mulvenon said that officers were to spend the next two weeks contacting people who had posted signs and explaining to them the city ordinance prohibiting bill-posting on public property. After one warning, anyone posting a bill would be ticketed, said Mulvenon, with penalties ranging from fines of $1 to $500 and a maximum jail term of 180 days. In addition to utility poles, bills were also banned from public trees, trash cans, or buildings; the throwing or distributing of commercial handbills was also in violation of the ordinance. Gene Shaughnessy, city building inspector, added that anyone wanting to advertise a garage sale was permitted to post a sign on their own lawn as well as a nearby corner yard after obtaining the owner's permission.


workinghard 4 years, 5 months ago

Yeah, what happened to that. You will see the same garage sale up for 2 months. There was flyers plastered all over town last week for some band thing.

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