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100 years ago: More hitching posts needed: Downtown parking problems of 1913

October 24, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 24, 1913:

  • "Lawrence merchants are facing a rather unusual and perplexing proposition -- the question of hitching accommodations for the country patrons. The hitching post question has been more or less of a problem for several years, but it had never reached anything approaching a climax. This point was reached this morning when a petition from the different lodges of the County Central Protective Association was presented to the city business men. In this petition the farmers point out the lack of accommodations in Lawrence and ask that this condition be remedied.... The appearance of the petition precipitated a general discussion of the question on the business street this morning. Several methods of handling the case were suggested, but it will require more time for any definite action to be taken. One plan is for the supplying of a public hitching place, where farmers can take their teams while shopping and where they will be looked after and the contents of their vehicles properly guarded.... There seems to be a general opposition to the erection of more hitching posts along the main street. The opinion being that the side streets should be used for hitching places, and the side streets only. There is a feeling that it is both dangerous and unsightly to have the street lined with hitching posts and teams tied to these. Civic pride seems to revolt at the idea of putting up more posts along Massachusetts street and some other method of solving the problem probably will be attempted."
  • "All hope for the recovery of Col. John Rankin has been abandoned and his death is a matter of hours. Col. Rankin has been failing steadily for the past two weeks and his family have all arrived to be with him in his last hours. He has made a brave fight but he is only a month short of 76 years of age and the shock of the attack upon him proved too much. Col. Rankin seemed to rally from the attack and was down town several times but never was himself after the murderous attack. He had to give up coming down town and has weakened perceptibly each day.... The attack came at a time when the business of the ice company was at fever heat. The demand for ice was great and the supply so low that it was never more than forty minutes ahead of the demands of the trade. Col. Rankin was putting in every possible hour of work and he was keyed almost to the breaking point when the drunken brute attacked him.... Col. Rankin has been a prominent citizen of Lawrence since the town was founded. He came to Kansas early and for half a century has been a cheerful citizen, doing his share of the work of developing the state. His death will be regretted by many people."
  • "The three Mexicans being held in the county jail since Monday on a charge of transporting liquor to be used unlawfully from Noria to Lawrence have not yet been arraigned. County authorities say they will have to procure a competent interpreter before the prisoners can be arraigned."


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