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Editorial: Presidential pitchman

President Obama sounded like a TV pitchman Monday when he took to the microphone to defend the Affordable Care Act.

October 23, 2013


President Obama kicked off the week with a Monday morning appearance outside the White House designed to calm the public’s concerns about Obamacare and assure the nation that the plan continues to be a winner in every respect — even though there have been a few “kinks.”

This nation’s “commander in chief” turned into the nation’s “salesman in chief.”

With a hand-picked audience on hand, it almost seemed as if viewers and listeners were in a TV sound studio where engineers were flashing an “applause” sign at appropriate points during Obama’s presentation telling them to signal their approval. This happened about 10 times during the sales pitch.

One could not help but wonder whether, at some time during his sales effort, Obama might follow the practice of the high-priced TV pitchmen, who tell their audience, “If you buy this product within the next 48 hours, we’ll throw in a second product for free.”

Obama said people are “rushing” to health care sites, that they are “thrilled” with what they are finding and learning and that they are “happy” with the deal.

Apparently, a full-press effort has been ordered by the president to find the bugs in the system and get it fixed as quickly as possible. He said the nation’s best software designers have been called in to help get the system working.

It is interesting that former Kansas governor and current Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius was not at his side as he defended the program that comes under her leadership and direction.

More and more members of Congress are calling for her resignation or firing. At first, she refused to appear before a House committee to explain why there is so much trouble, but now she is scheduled to appear soon.

Her absence is similar to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not appearing before House and Senate committees to explain what happened at the Benghazi embassy under her watch.

There has been increasing criticism of Obama with some claiming he has been leader from the rear, not out front. Perhaps he is taking this criticism seriously and has decided the best plan to rescue and sell Obamacare is to become the reincarnation of the late comedian and TV funny man Johnny Carson, who was a master of “selling” hard-to-understand and confusing products.

It continues to be puzzling why the system was not thoroughly checked and rechecked before being presented to the public — a massive change, costing billions and affecting most citizens one way or another, and it was not tested. Also what happens when all the hidden parts of the plan become known?

Salesman Obama and his sidekick, Sebelius, are sure to have to use their best sales skills to sell, or calm, growing numbers of individuals who may have been lured into buying the product and find it may have been something like a bait-and-switch scheme.


Richard Heckler 4 years, 7 months ago

Obamacare has been approved by a bi-partisan Congressional vote and the Supreme Court. What else is there?

For all anyone knows the Obamacare site could have been hacked by ALEC Right Wing Party members masquerading as republicans who disagree with Obamacare for reasons of profit.

Or perhaps it is mostly to make Obama look bad.

The ALEC Right Wing Party masquerading as republicans have offered up nothing but shutting down the economy and costing this nation $24 billion dollars.

The ALEC Right Wing Party masquerading as republicans dates back to the days of Newt introducing Contract For America ---- yes another reckless ALEC Right Wing Party masquerading as republicans masterpiece that began the death of the Republican Party.

The problem with Obamacare software could well be sabotage designed by an ALEC Right Wing Party masquerading as republicans supporter hired to do the software. The true Obama screw up. Hired the enemy.

The ALEC Right Wing Party masquerading as republicans has issued a canned response which this editorial demonstrates. This is the same misinformation that has been issued throughout the nation. Can we say blah blah blah blah blah blah..... yes we did.

Julius Nolan 4 years, 7 months ago

Realize editorial not signed, but sounds exactly like something Pat Roberts is currently spouting, maybe he's now ghost writing for J-W.

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