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40 years ago: Resident reports UFO sighting in west Lawrence

October 23, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 23, 1973:

  • A Lawrence woman who declined to be named told the Journal-World today that she had spotted an unidentified flying object at about 6:30 on the previous evening while she had been waiting in a car in the Alvamar area near the west city limits. The woman described the object as leaving a vapor trail similar to a jet and that both the object and the trail appeared "orange." She reported that the object had flown straight for several minutes before dropping as if falling to earth, she said. Then it had turned and spiraled upward leaving a pattern of vapor trails resembling a figure eight. "A small plane couldn't be up that high," the woman said, adding that a small plane normally would not have a vapor trail but that the object had "swerved like jets can't."
  • An error in the draft of a proposed dog and cat ordinance was causing city staff to have to make a small editorial revision. As originally prepared, one section of the ordinance said: "It shall be unlawful for the owner, keeper or harborer of any dog to run at large in the city." According to a news brief today, the correction would "make it unlawful for the dog, not its owner, to run at large."


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