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100 years ago: Law clerk oversteps authority, creates bookkeeping tangle

October 21, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 21, 1913:

"Credit for pulling the prize 'bonehead' of the season seems to belong to a clerk in the office of Attorney General John S. Dawson. The unfortunate wrong-doer is said to be A. L. Maltby, a stenographer and law clerk in the attorney general's office in Topeka. Maltby's error seems to have been the collection of $11,000 in rentals which was due to the University of Kansas. Now he finds that he exceeded his authority a trifle in assuming the role of a collector and the Board of Administration and the attorney general find themselves facing the rather cumbersome task of unloading a 'white elephant' from their hands.... The trouble all started here in Lawrence about two weeks ago when Maltby appeared at the formal discharge of the administrator of the Robinson estate. Now, it appears that Maltby in his zeal assumed much authority and proceeded to collect the $11,000 from the administrator and brought the money with him to Topeka and deposited the fund in a local bank. Not until a few days ago did Attorney General Dawson learn of the transaction. Since that time things have been happening in the attorney general's office. Telegrams, letters and telephone messages have been rushed to members of the educational board urging them to straighten out the tangle and the fund has been removed to a Lawrence bank, recognized as a depository for the state university. The money will now be turned over to the K. U. treasurer by the educational board.... No authority was given Maltby by the attorney general's office which permitted him to collect the money from the Ronbison receiver, it seems, and the fund which should have been turned over to the probate court and paid to the K. U. treasurer was paid to Maltby as an attorney for the administration board and later deposited in a bank which was not a state university depository. This transaction brought about a number of legal tangles that must be straightened out by the attorney general's office and the educational board although the money is safely on deposit in Lawrence."

"Jerome G. Beatty, a Lawrence boy, leaves tonight on what is expected to be a trip around the world. Mr. Beatty is a newspaper writer and he intends to write his way across the globe. He will spend an indefinite amount of time on the trip. He leaves tonight for San Francisco, the first stop on his long journey. He will remain in that city for some time, but eventually he hopes to sail from the Golden Gate for the Philippine Islands, where he hopes to obtain work in Manila. Mr. Beatty began his newspaper work on the old Lawrence 'Journal' many years ago. Since then he has worked in many of the larger cities of the country including New York and New Orleans. He is a clever writer and has made good at the 'game.'... Yesterday afternoon Mr. Beatty addressed a class in Journalism at the University. He told of many interesting experiences which befell him as a big city newspaper man, and it was indeed an interesting story. Mr. Beatty spoke as a reporter, not a publishers, and his talk reached the students, and was appreciated by them."

"N. Eager and Geo. Derby this morning received seven cows and five calves from Cameron, Mo., which they purchased for dairy purposes. The cows are pure blood Holsteins and are a substantial addition to the best stock that is coming to enter the various dairy herds of this vicinity. The cows are very pretty, well made and warranted good milkers."


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