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No health concerns associated with current bad water taste

October 20, 2013


A chorus of complaints emerged during the weekend over the taste of Lawrence's tap water, but Dave Wagner, director of utilities for the city of Lawrence, said Sunday that residents need not worry about its safety.

He said the water is still healthy and the bad taste is not expected to be a long-term issue. It could be gone by Monday, he said.

The bad taste may have been caused by renovations at the Kaw River Water Treatment Plant, Wagner said. A specific "line" of water, which "probably contained some older water," had been isolated for some time as part of the maintenance. That line was put back into service this weekend.

"With age comes some issues with taste and odor," Wagner said. "It's meeting all the parameters that need to be met for quality of water, but it certainly has an unusual taste."


Richard Heckler 4 years, 8 months ago

The smell and bad taste have been around for awhile now. Some solutions could be purchasing a distiller for the home. Not terribly expensive and user friendly when repairs are necessary.

Or a reverse osmosis system could be another solution.

Soft water in conjunction with both of the above improves their effectiveness.

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