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100 years ago: KU launches Dept. of Child Welfare

October 20, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 20, 1913:

  • "The state of Kansas through its University at Lawrence is planning to produce a model race of men and women to be an example to the rest of the world. To do this the state has added to the University a Department of Child Welfare, which has been placed in charge of an expert who has studied humanity, conditions and the needs and desires of Kansas boys and girls. It is planned to employ the ideal time of the youth of the state in a scientific and systematic study which will insure clean and healthy men and women. It is an entirely new venture, at least on such a large scale. The scope of this new department will be as wide as the state itself. It will extend to the church, the Sunday school, the public school, the playground and the home. The department will supplement the work of these institutions in the rearing and education of the youth of the state.... The new department will put forth a special effort to make out a more complete and unified plan than has ever heretofore been attempted in behalf of the boys and girls of Kansas. Among the efforts to redirect the life of town and country children will be the following: 1. A plan for the vacation employment of the city school boy. The chief purpose will be to provide work that is disciplinary and helpful to his character as well as remunerative in a small degree. 2. The formation of parents' clubs and such kindred organizations as parent-teacher associations. In this connection it is hoped that there may frequently be an opportunity to offer parents a short course in child psychology.... 3. The establishment of playgrounds and social centers for the young."
  • "It has been found that the boys and girls on the farm are being brought up under a great variety of plans and specifications. Many of them are being overworked and are denied the privileges of play, recreation, and social activities such as truthfully belong to their years. May of them are without the advantages of helpful plans and motives for securing an advanced eduction. Many promising farm boys and girls are being permitted to grow up crude and untrained, simply for lack of a clear vision of higher achievements which might be brought within their reach."
  • "LOOK WHO'S HERE NOW -- WINTERTIME. -- Old Winter arrived here yesterday, he stayed over night and then continued his stay indefinitely. The first hint of his coming was received on Friday when a cold blast from the north reduced the standing of the thermometer very noticeably. Saturday was a little warmer but some time during the night there came a second drop that sent the mercury below the freezing point. A stout north wind kept up all day yesterday and by evening it was clearly evident that winter time had come. In some places last night temperatures as low as twenty above were recorded and ice half an inch thick has been reported.... Yesterday afternoon the winter appearance of the day was added to by a little flurry of snow which later changed to sleet."
  • "Dr. S. T. Gillispie, County Health Officer, this morning inspected the city jail. The doctor made a complete inspection of all parts of the city prison, but declined to make any statement regarding what he saw or what condition he found the jail in. Dr. Gillispie stated that he must report to the State Board of Health regarding the findings of the investigation and that any action taken must come from the state board. It is rumored that the old structure is about to be condemned and may pass out of service soon."


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